6 Best Sets of Real Breasts in Hollywood


christina hendricks

Christina Hendricks' breasts are real, and they're spectacular.


In a town where fake boobs and dyed blond hair seem to rule, it's refreshing to admire some of Hollywood's biggest stars who have kept it real. With natural breasts that make everyone a little googly eyed, these six celebrities haven't had to go under the knife because, well, they were born with perfectly beautiful boobies. From a 25-year-old pop star to a 44-year-old Oscar winner, our roundup of the best unenhanced breasts will either make your day or make you insanely jealous.

scarlet johnansson

Scarlett Johansson may have recently ended her relationship with Sean Penn, but we have a feeling she'll find a new suitor in no time.

jennifer love hewitt

So what if Jennifer Love Hewitt has been named the Worst Actress due to her poor film ratings on Rotten Tomatoes? Her milkshake will always bring the boys to the yard ... and the theater.

halle berry

Women and men have admired Halle's Berries for decades, and somehow, the 44-year-old actress only ripens with age.

selma hayek

Selma Hayek once told David Letterman that holy water is the recipe for large breasts. We're heading to church after work.

katy perry

Katy Perry knows how to work what her mama gave her. The 25-year-old singer also knows how to make fun of herself ... remember that SNL skit?

What women did we leave off this list?

Photos from top to bottom via Fredrick M. Brown/Getty; Stephen Lovekin/Getty; Stephen Shugerman/Getty; Kevin Winter/Getty; Andrew H. Walker/Getty; Stephen Lovekin/Getty

celebrity, eye candy, katy perry


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nonmember avatar please

You need to check your facts. JLH did get implants along with Halle Berry. You forgot Angelina Jolie.

nonmember avatar Stacey

So basically you are saying to have one of the "best" sets of real breasts in Hollywood they must be big?

There are women in Hollywood who have naturally small breasts that look good. We need to embrace all women who choose to be natural. Nowadays celebs for the most part feel like they must undergo suregry to achieve the "hollywood look".
It is people like you that glorify large breasts as being the "best" kind and make women feel like they must have a large chest to look good.

I find this sad and typical.

katvi... katvixenstar

I agree with Stacey. what about small breasted women? lots of guys like small and perky. show us some of those!!!

KevWi... KevWife.BaniMom

I have large natural boobs and I HATE it. I'd give anything to be a C and not 38DD...

prinz... prinzesa_edith

I'm glad for the article. Cuz my breast are naturaly larg and its one thing that I feel comfortable with. I have such a small butt and having big butts be in style right now, its nice to know I have at least one good asett.

nonmember avatar Sharon

Scarlett Johansson has implants. This has been well documented.

nonmember avatar Lotus 49

And also Monica Bellucci..!!

nonmember avatar susan

Each and every one of these women has fake breasts. Good fake breasts, but fake nevertheless.

nonmember avatar Maya

You may want to check some old pictures of Selma Hayek because she was small breasted before Hollywood

nonmember avatar aj

this article is wrong about christina hendricks, jennifer love hewitt and salma hayek at a minimum. there are pre-enhancement photos of them on the internet. christina hendricks was in playboy, in a bikini, and it is not even a close call -- hers are totally fake. just because an actress claims she is natural doesn't mean she is. they should have researched better and maybe they'd actually get more than (at most) three right.

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