Bill Maher & Jane Lynch Perform a Raunchy Weiner Sext Act (VIDEO)

Bill Maher & Jane Lynch

If you don't find yourself gasping for air because you are laughing so hard at Bill Maher and Jane Lynch's dramatic reading of Anthony Weiner's raunchy online chat with a Las Vegas blackjack worker, you will probably throw up. So best to think about this upcoming video like one of those really bad porn movies. You know, the one where you find yourself laughing so hard at the ridiculous plot and actors that what they are actually doing doesn't even faze you. You just laugh your ass off like it's a sit-com.

I can't warn you enough here -- this language is graphic, porny, so not suitable for young kids and most normal adults -- but the way they do it is so f*****g hilarious that it's totally worth that nosedive into the gutter.


The following is one of the over 200 sex talks that Weiner had with that gambling woman, Lisa Weiss. Take a listen -- when you know for certain the kids are far, far away ...

NEVER in my life did I ever think I'd say this, but thank goodness for Bill Maher. Because his show is pay cable, it's the one news show that can actually read the full and uncensored texts in their broadcast, unlike CNN, MSNBC or any one of the other cable news stations that are just dying over the fact that they can't share the joy with the masses. And also for picking the perfect partner in crime, the magnanimously wonderful Jane Lynch, to join him in the reading. They way she looks up and smiles after saying all those nasty words, and doesn't flinch once ... even reading the world's smuttiest script that woman is one class act.

What did you think of the reading?

Image via YouTube

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