'Real Housewives of New York' Recap: Alex Gets Taken Down During a Weird Henna Attack


Alex McCord & Ramona SingerI don't know where Alex McCord fits in Sonja Morgan's whole pecking order, but poor Alex was pecked, picked at, and pretty much run over on tonight's episode of The Real Housewives of New York. All she was trying to do was protect Ramona Singer, but even "the new Alex" couldn't handle the heat of Countess LuAnn de Lesseps and her posse. She was left a hive-covered, distraught mess.

Despite her distress (or perhaps partially because of it), it was honestly one of the most entertaining Real Housewives episodes I have ever seen. I laughed; I cried -- because I was laughing so hard -- and mostly I just sat there with my mouth hanging open that all this was going down. In the end, it was "just weird," as Kelly Bensimon said about one million times.

It started with Ramona and Jill Zarin still distraught over last week's big fight -- especially Ramona who was "raw" and NEEDED her pinot grigio. Like a puppy always willing to friend anyone who'll show her some affection (or at least not kick her), Alex comforted Ramona and agreed to be her "wingman."

Alex took that role seriously serious, and when LuAnn reprimanded Ramona for causing drama, Alex was ready to battle. Only she didn't do it while it was happening, rather she stewed and brewed, and after a day of fun came charging into the room where Kelly, LuAnn, and Cindy Barshop (yep, she's still on the show, though I'm not sure why) were getting henna tattoos. She tried to pull LuAnn aside from her tattoo, but LuAnn wouldn't budge, so Alex started her rant only to be mocked and slapped down by her majesty. Ramona was right when she said Alex isn't known for her timing -- takes one to know one -- but the attack on her was brutal.

The crazy just continued though when Kelly got involved, and showed us that the whole sanity thing she's been doing this season is just a front. She's as crazy as ever. Every time Alex would try to speak, she would throw out some bizarre bit of Kelly wisdom. First, she had a problem with the way Alex entered the room. "It was weird. It didn't look normal. Reenter!"

That was followed by various versions of "it was weird" and "you're being weird" over and over, plus some strange shushing sounds, and the accusation that Alex was being "inauthentic." But amidst all her peace-making attempts, Kelly was pissed about her tattoo getting effed up. "My tattoo is ruined. Who’s going to fix this, Santa? Stupid." The crazy is still most definitely there.

LuAnn just dismissed the lowly Alex with a wave, and a "go back to the cabinet you came out of. Witch." Classy. There were plenty more condescending, know-it-all comments from LuAnn (especially during the dinner that was supposed to start at 8 that no one knew about. "Alex, I know you know better than that.") as they make up about 98 percent of everything The Countess says.

Then there was Kelly telling Alex to open and close her eyes (and Alex actually obeying), and telling her she wasn't angry, she was sad (even though Alex was totally pissed). The whole thing was so bizarre, and Alex was so flustered with hives popping up by the minute, I couldn't stop laughing. That whole scene is a serious contender for best Real Housewives moments ever. It was just so ... weird.

The sad part, however, is that while Alex was being trampled for Ramona's honor, Ramona was off whooping it up with her BFF Sonja. Ramona and LuAnn made up in a nanosecond, and even Ramona and Jill ended up making peace in the end, but no one even bothered to care if Alex was still upset. Like I said, poor Alex.

In the end, the ladies all tried to make nice enough to have a few more meals together, do some belly dancing, and not kill each other in the process. The previews for next week, however, show that what happened in Morocco definitely isn't staying in Morocco, and there's more drama to come when they're back in New York.

The after-show with Andy Cohen posed the question: Which housewife is the weirdest? Good question, but I'm a little torn. I'm not sure if it's weird or annoying that I'm feeling, but I think I'd put LuAnn and Jill at the top of the list, with Sonja close behind for straight up odd.

Did you feel bad for Alex McCord tonight? Who do you think is the weirdest housewife?

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prinz... prinzesa_edith

I felt really bad for her. And luann is really starting to get on my nervs claiming to be nutral but she is sooo condecending. She thinks she is always right. jill comes in 2nd on the annoying i know it all scale.

Nraw2011 Nraw2011

I feel bad for Alex.  I get where she was coming from she just timed it really badly.  Luann is a condescending asshole and I really hope they nail her at the reunion.  Did you catch when she took the opportunity to throw what the card reader said back in Ramona's face?  Alex is right, she smiles at you talking all nice and then WHAM, dig!  She did the same thing to Bethenny last year when she was fighting with Jill.  I also feel Romano was right last week when she said that Bethenny and Jill would have made up if Luann hadn't dragged Jill out of her apartment.  She showing herself to be a nasty nasty person.  

nonmember avatar SuzieQ

Why is anyone ( cough, Alex ) listening to Kelly's advice? Omg- she is just such a moron. Re enter? LuAnn's bullying is way out of control, I'm sure her two kids are beyond mortified. I'm sure they'll say as much next time they exchange letters, because we all know, she spends zero time with them. The Beaves was compassionate to Alex's plight, but she should have stood up to the flying monkeys and said something. I mean, what's the point if having such a huge mouth, if you're not going to use it?

Aggie Franks Shuler

Again, they all (except Cindy-Get the hell out while you can) proved you don't have to live in a home with wheels to be white trash!

Renee Morgan

Alex's timing was a bit off...but Luann is out of control. And who the hell would listen to Kelly?? She's a major fruit cake. Cindy, just stay back and watch the bitches rip each other apart. They are worse than high school. Jill lies, Ramona is way too "drama" and drinks way too much. I agree with the comment just before me...YOU DON'T HAVE TO HAVE MONEY TO BE "WHITE TRASH".

Troys... TroysMommy1220

I haven't watched the last episode yet but Alex is one of the most annoying things about the show, I'm sorry. She always wants to get involved in another womans fight and then is indignant when she gets put down. Mind your business, Ramona is a psychopath and she deserves everything shes getting this season.

I'll admit Jill is a bit out there but I adore her. I've always hated LuAnn and she's always been at the top of my coo-coo list, along with Sonja.

Shelly Cambron Jarvis

Luann and kelly need to spend some time in the same NUT house.... They're both CRAZY and all the time in someone buisness!!! Luann and Kelly can dish it out, BUT they cant take it they run from it!!!!

Sarah Bird Atkinson

Luann is totally off her rocker. For someone who claims to be an authority on etiquette and manners she was incredibly rude, crass, vile, etc. I know she has an education.

Yolanda Salazar Byford

LuAnn, for all of her self-proclamation as being the "Countess of Class" is an arrogant, condescending, rude and hateful person! It was obvious that not ALL the women were told about dinner, yet she feigns being offended that they weren't there on time-what a bitch! She gets worse with every episode and I despise her more with each one! And "Krazy Kelly" earned that nickname for a reason, as she has continued to prove time and time again!

nonmember avatar araminta

Alex is truly the most ridiculous of them all! Huffing and puffing and interfering when Ramona was off having fun and couldn't care less. She's truly the most odd and peculiar of the whole bunch. Poor Alex. She's just the most clumsy and weird character. Oddly, even though she's so awkward and socially inept she has such puffed up ideas about herself, her looks, her husband and her strange family. That she thinks she's a model for instance? That whole stomping into the henna room was completely ridiculous! Poor thing. I do feel sorry for her but more because she's so misguided and unattractive and definitely that square peg in high school trying to make good.

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