5 Ways Robert Pattinson Saved the MTV Movie Awards


robert pattinson awardsSilent, smoldering type Robert Pattinson and his uncharacteristically crazy stunts single-handedly saved last night's MTV Movie Awards from becoming a giant snore, and now I can't wait to see more of Edward's wild side! Not that I don't love Pattinson's sultry, wordless gaze or that sexy, long-suffering pout, but who knew this guy could give a boring awards show such a powerful shot of adrenaline? He's funny, in a totally not-trying-to-be-funny way, has an air of unpredictability that's just dangerous enough to keep us on the edge of our seats, and apparently has no qualms about kissing his male co-stars (read on!). These are my picks for Pattinson's Top 5 MTV Award Show-Saving Moments:

  1. RPatz drops the F-bomb on Reese Witherspoon. The presentation of a lifetime achievement award or, as MTV calls their version, the Generation Award, is usually beyond dull. But thanks to Pattinson's endearing screw-ups, including flubbing jokes and laughing at his own inability to ad-lib as instructed by the teleprompter, Reese Witherspoon had quite the racy award-acceptance experience. Best part? The censors weren't prepared when Pattinson wrapped up his anecdote about shooting Water for Elephants with Reese by saying, "But I did f--k you." So the slip aired live!
  2. Pattinson plants one on Taylor Lautner. Yeah, we were all soooo surprised when Robert and Kristen Stewart won for Best Kiss (again). But before we could even start to yawn, Pattinson declared he didn't "feel like kissing" Stewart and dashed off the stage into the crowd to give a big sloppy kiss to "someone who would appreciate it more" -- Taylor Lautner! Priceless. Check out the video!
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  4. Robert accidentally announces co-star's pregnancy. When Pattinson, Xavier Samuel, and Bryce Dallas Howard (Victoria) stepped up to the mike to receive the award for Best Fight, it wasn't immediately obvious that Dallas Howard is pregnant (empire waist dress, flowy fabric, you get the picture). Then Pattinson put the trio's awkward banter to an end, responding to Dallas Howard's faux apology for trying to hurt Rob on film by saying, "That's ok, I ripped your head off ... and now you're pregnant!" Whoops! Cut to Kristen Stewart's jaw dropping.
  5. Pattinson disses Zac Efron on the sly. Accepting his award for Best Male Performance from Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis, Pattinson expressed I'm not worthy surprise by giving a shout-out to his fellow nominee: "Zac Efron was crying and stuff in that little clip!" Nice.
  6. Rob lets Taylor take over. In a classic display of life imitating art, poor Jacob lost award after award to Edward. So it was a classy and generous gesture for Pattinson to give Lautner sole control of the mike for the Best Picture acceptance speech. (Good thing Gary Busey was stuck in that bubble, or he probably would have stolen the spotlight!)

What was your favorite MTV Movie Awards moment?


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Kat.M. Kat.M.

Uh it was pretty obvious tht Bryce is pregnant... It was to me....

nonmember avatar Ariel

Bryce's pregnancy was confirmed/announced last week... So RPatz didn't accidentally announce anything. Rather stating the obvious.

Kristen Riley

The awards were awful and I was HIGHLY disapointed. Now don't get me wrong, I like the Twilight movies, but they did not deserve any of the awards they got. And I did give my opinion and voted for every catagory. It was obviously mostly 12 year olds who voted. And I think the fact the Beiber won the most jaw dropping moment was even more jaw dropping then anything he has EVER done. Horrible. The only good part was the Foo Fighters.

nonmember avatar Chris

I agree. Without Pattinson's antics it would have been a snoozefest. You might cringe, you might scream, but he's not boring. LOL

nonmember avatar pattygirl

Rob save the 2011 MMA

nonmember avatar chris

absolutely agree, the guy is hilarious and kind of crazy...

nonmember avatar mommy2be

NONE of the awards shows given are the same anymore!! They are ALL boring now.. :( even some of the performances are bad. They just arent as funny... just one BIG SNOOZEFEST!!

Janet Stamberger

 I wish I could receive a big sloppy kiss from Rob Pattinson! There would b even more Buzz abbout a kiss at The MTV Movie Awards from Rob Patz, if he would have layed one on an unsuspecting unknown person, male or female, in the audience. Where's your courage Rob? The guy sitting next to Taylor Lautner looked like he didn't want to get any vampire spit on him. The best part about The MTV Awards was everything Rob and Kristen did, they did deserve all those awards.

Nancy Wentworth

i agree, the mtv. was a bit over the top. it gets a bit dirtyer each year. i liked rob, hes funny in a good way. i liked when he ,kissed taylor, he was and rob,both in a kiss with kristen,(kristen) was in on the kiss. i do agree the mtv awards get pretty bad mouthing.it was not only rob,there was a lot of stuff, we really donot want to see on screen.i know he loves kristen,. but he keeps other in cast into the spot light.go rob. they all three , like one another. and the whole cast are close.

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