'Real Housewives of Orange County' Finale Recap: Tempers Flare, Cocktails Fly

Tamra Barney and Jeana KeoughLet it be known -- the ladies of The Real Housewives of Orange County still know how to bring the drama better than any other city. They were the series' pioneers, and they haven't simmered down a bit over the years. Case in perfect point: Tonight's smack-down between Jeana Keough and Tamra Barney.

There was no suspicion of pandering to the camera or made up drama for the sake of ratings -- it was pure rage that fueled the fight at Vicki Gunvalson's fall pool party in which cocktails flowed ... then flew through the air.

Tamra was fuming before she even arrived. She was packing more than mace this time and instead carried a cease and desist letter she had her attorney draw up to keep Jeana from talking to the press about her and spreading what she says are false statements. "I knew I needed to shut this bitch down," she said. And attempt to shut her down, she did.


Peggy Tanous tried to play peacemaker and warned Jeana how upset Tamra was. Jeana told her the press twisted her words, and Peggy -- ready to make all love and light -- tried to explain to Tamra that it was all just a big misunderstanding.

"I think you're both hurt by this," she told them.

"I'm not hurt, I'm disgusted," Tamra shot back. And it was on. Tamra told Jeana her life was none of Jeana's "fuc#ing business" and then she threw the letter in Jeana's face.

Jeana didn't like that so much and told Tamra, "I'll throw your skinny little ass in the pool." Tamra responded by throwing a drink in her face -- RIGHT in the face. When Jeana went to throw a drink back, she hit another guest, who in turn pushed Jeana. Another drink was thrown, and general chaos ensued. It was a downright brawl, O.C. style -- complete with a guest complaining her $1,500 dress had been ruined.

As Jeana stormed off, Tamra followed, screaming, "You’re an evil bitch. You are the meanest person in the world. You are going to hell." Jeana attributed it all to Tamra's poor upbringing and didn't even stop to breathe before calling Tamra's ex -- Simon -- to tell him what went down.

What is Jeana's obsession with Tamra? Really? There's been some speculation that Jeana has romantic eyes for Simon, and that's one of the only explanations that makes sense as to why she won't just leave Tamra alone. The other possible reason is pretty much what Tamra said above.

Tamra has her issues, shouldn't have thrown the drink, and took some, uh ... liberties in retelling what went down, but Jeana really seemed to be the instigator in the feud. She's just so smug, it would have been difficult not to throw a drink at her.

Gretchen Rossi took the opportunity of the fight's aftermath to get in a jab to Tamra that went something to the effect of: See how it feels when people talk about you to the press? Karma, bitch!

I was ready for round two. I think if Tamra hadn't been so exhausted from all the action with Jeana, more things would have flown. As it was, she just threw up her hands and was ready to make nice. Gretchen wasn't as quick to move on and told her there were still some things that needed to be worked out ... which likely never will.

Peggy and Alexis Bellino tried to work things out, but that's not going to happen. Alexis is just clueless (evidenced by her rant about liberal America and the problem with women being allowed to run for president), and either smug that she got Jim and Peggy didn't (Peggy used to date him) or -- more likely -- jealous that Peggy was able to escape him and she's still stuck with him. In any case, their friendship seems done ... well, if Jim says it can be.

All of this was set against the backdrop of Vicki's heartbreaking grief over her divorce from Donn. She had just filed papers a few days before the party, and her pain was palpable. At least the fight took the focus off of her own problems for a bit. As tough as Vicki is, it was heartbreaking to watch her so distraught.

Honestly, overall, it was one of the most depressing season finales I've seen. Not that we ever expect happy endings when it comes to Housewives, but there wasn't even a hint of closure for anyone, and pretty much everyone ended up more miserable than they started the season.

How long do we have to wait before the next season beings?

What did you think of the big fight between Jeana Keough and Tamra Barney? Who do you think is more in the right?

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