'SYTYCD' Recap: Are Natalia & Sasha Mallory Okay?

SYTYCD Season 8 L.A. auditions
SYTYCD Season 8 L.A. auditions
It's no wonder the Los Angeles auditions for So You Think You Can Dance got their own episode: those dancers were spectacular! While the other episodes seemed to have a nearly even mix of talented and talentless, this one had talent to spare. The judges certainly noticed as they said the first day in L.A. was the best day they've had in any season. Some of these dancers were unbelievable!

But first!

Can you even remember what happened before the last 5 minutes of the show? I bet you can't because you're too busy wondering if Natalia Mallory ends up going to the hospital in Vegas! She and her sister Sasha Mallory had a modern/African routine, after which Nigel pointed out his surprise at Natalia's talent given her not-size-0 physique. They make it to Vegas, but in clips for next week, it looks like she's got tubes up her nose and then somebody is on a stretcher and then her sister is crying? What's going on? Is Natalia okay?! I played detective ...


Well, ok, I have no idea what happened in Vegas, but they're both still tweeting. So don't worry too much, at least they're alive and well ... and apparently very amused by Chris Brown. Natalia and Sasha Mallory twitter

With that out of the way, the sisters were great, weren't they? But not the best of the night. Who was?

Hip hop dancer Derion DC Chapman would certainly be up there. He's super-talented and super-passionate, and his girlfriend's super-pregnant. He seemed surprised to make it straight through to Vegas, but why?! He's phenomenal!

By the way, how the heck did Nigel learn the CatDaddy so fast? My friend tried to teach us at dance practice the other day and I almost hurt myself. Clearly, there's a reason Nigel hosts this show and I merely watch in awe.

Alexis Mason probably wasn't the best, but as sister to season 5 winner Jeanine, she got lots of attention. This isn't actually the first time a winner's sibling auditioned. Season 2 winner, Benji Schwimmer, cheered for his sister Lacey in season 3. It seems Alexis made it straight to Vegas mostly because of her sister because her dancing was great, but not outstanding. Can she make it to the top 20 or even top 4 like Lacey? She's gonna have to fix her goldfish mouth first.

No, the best was Arielle Coker. Mary Murphy said she had a "knockout number that has it all," and I believe she also called her mesmerizing, which I totally agree with. I hope she makes it to the top 20, because I could not take my eyes off of her.

Who was your favorite dancer of the night? Are you excited for Vegas?


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