'SYTYCD' Recap: The 'Real' Ringo Starr Can't Dance

SYTCD auditionsThis week on So You Think You Can Dance (season 8), we got to watch lots more dance auditions, LOTS more -- this time in Salt Lake City and New York City. The producers of the show must know how hard it is for us viewers to keep so many fabulous dancers straight, and that's why they break things up with strange little short stories.

This week's short was a little diddy about a dude who believes he's the real and original Ringo Starr (yes, of the Beatles) but is otherwise known as a certifiable lunatic whose lunacy is obviously genetic because it rubbed off on his daughter Brittany, who tried out for SYTYCD. No lying. This guy claims his identity was lifted by the Ringo we all know and love, and his daughter has co-signed his crazy and dreamed up some twinsie Lady Gaga delusions of her very own. Are you off to Google "Ringo Starr" now to see if it's true (because it's NOT, people!)?

It's neither here nor there though because neither one of the Starrs can dance. Moving right along ...


In Salt Lake City, Pussycat Dolls creator Robin Antin guest-judged alongside Mary and Nigel. Her crazy large lips were distracting, especially when made up in red, but not as hard to watch as her constant compulsion to mold all the female contestants into her next Pussycat. Seriously, she tried to actively recruit contestants on more than one occasion.

In any case, there were some standouts in SLC, including the sensual and strong Chyna Smith who Nigel compared to Molly and Robin called "lightning in a bottle." Tadd Gadduang got through on something like b-boy slapstick, and Chase Thomas forgot his shirt but frickin' killed it. Wow!

In New York City, Jason Gilkison, choreographer for Broadway's Burn the Floor, joined Mary and Nigel as a guest judge. First contestant Samara "Princess Lockerooo" Cohen proved that "whacking" isn't whack when she made the judges completely gush over her crazy fast helicopter arms dance moves. "When a person whacks," Samara explained of her unique dance style, "you can see the music." Hmm, she stole that line from Flashdance, didn't she? Not the whack part but you know ...

Next up, Brandon Jones BLEW MY FREAKIN' MIND with his contemporary number, which Jason perfectly summed up as having "so much softness and so much power." Exactly. This was right before krumper Brian Henry made everyone uncomfortable with his cocky attitude and God-praising angry dance, but at least Mary called out him on his attitude. Isn't there one of these overly confident guys every season that the judges have to break? Well, Brian was bawling and calling out to his mama when he got through to Vegas, so maybe it won't take long to break him. And who didn't fall in love with hip hop dancer Virgil "Little O" Gadson? Adorable!

Which dancers do you have your eye on?


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