Blake Lively Nude Photos Couldn’t Have Come at a Worse Time


blake livelyThings seemed to be going so well for Gossip Girl star, Blake Lively. She's one of Hollywood's hottest starlets. She's the handbag ambassador for Chanel (whatever that is). And she's recently been linked to Basketball Diaries (I bet you thought I was going to say Titanic) star, Leonardo DiCaprio. What happened?

Totally NSFW nude photos, that's what! Oh, Blake, haven't you learned from other starlets? Rihanna, Vanessa Hudgens, Kanye West, Christina Aguilera, your castmate Leighton Meester! Never ever, ever, ever take nude photos of yourself. It doesn't matter if they're on a three-year-old, now-defunct phone of yours that's locked in a vault somewhere in Switzerland. They will be found. And, man, what crappy timing.


Aside from the fact that she's been successful at marketing herself as a "fancy" starlet, if you will -- no public drunkenness on record, no crotch flashings, always winds up on Vogue Best Dressed lists -- she just started dating someone. And that someone is smokin' hot. And sort of fancy himself.

This isn't Leonardo DiCaprio's first time at the rodeo. He's been around the block. The dude's been acting for years, is friends with all sorts of big wigs, and dates models like the best of them. Is he really going to want to be with a starlet who's got nekkid iPhone photos of herself floating around on the Internet? That's amateur hour stuff. That's not hang out on a yacht in Cannes with Steven Speilberg and Kate Capshaw stuff.

Typically, I tend to think that "leaked photos" of stars in the buff are really "coming from themselves," but I'm not so sure with Blake. The timing seems too odd. She's hotter than ever right now -- she doesn't need the obligatory iPhone pics scandal for publicity. Then again, if you ask some publicists, you can never have too much publicity.

Of course, Blake and her team are denying that the photos are really Blake (which, no way, dude). They're threatening to sue, are "outraged," "furious," and other adjectives that mean mad.

Whatever. I'm sure the whole scandal will blow over in a few days. It's not the best thing for Blake's career, but Hollywood will still love her, Karl Lagerfeld will conclude it's just what Chanel needed, and Blake will be touted as a victim of ... naked iPhone-dom. As for Leo, though? That may be a tougher riff to mend. I think we all know one thing's for sure, though -- somewhere, sipping on tea with her pinky in the air, Bar Refaeli is laughing.

What do you make of Blake Lively's nude photos?


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nonmember avatar Anna

Meh. Don't care.

Oh wait, did I just break my ability to not care by commenting? Damnit.

nonmember avatar Melissa

Whatever Blake, they are real.

nonmember avatar Guest

It's only as big as one makes it. Her co-star Leighton ignored it for most part and it went away... no threats or apologies for what she did or did not do in the privacy of her own home. I think Lively comes off a little suspect, but it can't hurt her.

Sophi... SophistiKate

I don't get it.  The nude photos aside, why is she as popular as she is?  In all kindness, she's not exactly easy on the eye.  *Shrug*  Just had to put it out there.  Am I alone in my thinking?  She's just "meh."  Guess it's the boobs.  

Troys... TroysMommy1220

Really? I think she's one of the most beautiful young stars out there right now.

As for the whole nude pictures thing, while I think it's disgusting to take and or send nude photos of yourself, I don't really care what these people do in their private lives. It's just sad to me that because they're celebs they can't keep these things private.

Christopher Koulouris

Which begs the question are these images really fake as Ms Lively’s publicist’s portends or the mischief of some recaltrant figure looking to take advantage of Ms Lively’s sudden burst in the limelight.


One way or another the images and the ensuing disarray which is set to unfold has forever  cast Ms Lively in the public spotlight – and as they say in show business- no press is bad press, until it is that is..


quita... quita_face21

I believe the nude the ones are fake, but they used some real photos of her to make it appear real. But I just think she should just ignore it and it will go away. Things like this are big because the media makes it that way. I doubt it will hurt her in any way.

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