New Marilyn Monroe Pics May Be Ultimate Garage Sale Score

Marilyn MonroeMarilyn Monroe would turn 85 tomorrow, June 1, if she was still alive, but even though she died nearly 50 years ago, she remains as fascinating to us as ever. Some never-before-seen photos of the blonde bombshell have been recently uncovered, and much like her life and death, they're surrounded with plenty of mystery and intrigue as well.

The negatives to these new pictures, some of which feature a bikini-clad Monroe, were scooped up by a New Jersey adult entertainment photographer, Anton Fury, more than 30 years ago. He paid a whopping $2 for an envelope containing the negatives at a garage sale, and told the New York Post he had no idea who was in the pictures. "I thought it was just some chick in a bikini," he said.


Upon examining them, he realized later that day just who that chick was, and had a brief freak out before inexplicably just putting them on a shelf (so to speak) for the next three decades. He said getting married, work, and other life events just pushed the photos to the back of his mind. It's hard to imagine all that cash potential sitting right there being forgotten by anyone, but it doesn't seem he had any idea just how much they could be worth.

It wasn't until a flood hit his home and he was sorting through things that he decided to figure out what to do with the negatives -- which also contained some of Jayne Mansfield. Inspired by the television show "Pawn Stars," he took them to an appraiser. The appraiser was shocked, and said he couldn't give him an accurate estimate of their worth without knowing more.

More -- as in where they were taken and when, and also who took them? There's a man in some of the shots, and it's hoped that someone will recognize him, and the pieces of the puzzle will begin to fit together. He released the photos to CNN in hopes that the public would come forth with answers, but so far they remain a mystery.

So how much could the photos be worth? No one knows right now, but it's pretty safe to say it will be significantly more than Fury's original investment. Kind of makes you want to go hit up some garage sales, no?

Are you fascinated by Marilyn Monroe? Have you ever found anything great at a garage sale?

Image via 1horsetown/Flickr

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