Twi-Hards Get Blamed for Bad Police Work in Forks

forks washingtonIt seems vampires get blamed every time a dead body turns up in Forks, Washington -- even in real life. As the setting for the Twilight series (like I even had to explain that to you), the formerly sleepy little town has been getting tons of tourist traffic. But is the spot such a lucrative attraction that local cops would cover up a murder?

The mother of a woman recently found dead in a Forks storage facility alleges that area law enforcement are ruling her daughter's death a suicide because they don't want to scare off any members of Team Edward by opening a murder investigation. Except that her daughter, 45-year-old Dawn Grajale, disappeared with a huge stash of painkillers shortly after having a big fight with her boyfriend and threatening to kill herself, so ... I'm thinking the suicide theory makes sense here.


Either way, as any Twi-Hard can tell you, rumors of a murder in Forks would hardly drive fans away. Quite the opposite! The already blurry line between fantasy and reality could fade away entirely for imaginative enough fans: Were there any strange marks on the body? There's already a visitors' center where out-of-towners can pick up maps pointing the way to landmarks like the high school where Bella and Edward first meet. I doubt it would take too long for that storage facility to become an unofficial destination for travelers: Legend has it that the woman who died here was drained of all her blood. (By the way, I just have to say that I would be really disappointed if I went to Forks and everything didn't look all luminous and phosphorescent blue-greenish like it does in the movies. Wouldn't you be?)

It's a sad story, no matter what happened, and I'm sorry for Grajale's mom. But I know Twilight fans, and I'm just sayin' ... a mysterious murder would've been a boon for Forks.

Are you a Twi-Hard? Would you make a pilgrimage to Forks?


Image via Andy Clarke/Flickr

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