Is Our Favorite ‘Glee’ Star Quitting the Show?

Matthew MorrisonTwo years into Glee, and one album under his belt, and it seems Matthew Morrison is getting a wee bit ahead of himself. Rumor has it the man better known as Mr. Will Schuester (Mr. Schue to those who love him, Butt Chin to those who don't), is already thinking about leaving the show.

Holy jumping the gun batman! Did he miss the debacle that was Gwyneth Paltrow losing her record deal a few weeks back? A little success on Glee does not mean instant doors opening everywhere mon ami! And what happened to the finale, when Mr. Schue decided he WASN'T taking April Rhodes (Kristen Chenoweth) up on her offer to appear on Broadway in her show, instead heading back to Lima with his band of losers to make another run at nationals? Sigh. So what, exactly, did ol' Butt Chin say ('cause, yeah, I'm not feeling the love at this moment)?


I think it's important that my career moves on after this in what I choose to do. When I do my next film role I do want to be doing something. You know, give me a drug dealer doing coke off a chick's ass.

Oh . . . thank . . . goodness! Turns out Morrison is simply talking about the Future, capital F.  Dude doesn't want to be typecast as a slightly dorky Spanish teacher. Gotcha. He's not leaving NOW. Just sometime. I shall return to picturing his abs rather than his chin forthwith.

Comments in gay lad mags (this was an interview in Attitude) misconstrued aside, the cast is going to have to change soon. And Morrison is likely the last to go, not the first. It's a show set in high school, and kids can only hang out in high school so long. Schue can be a teacher forever, but the teens just rounded out the end of their junior year. Realistically only one or two (cough, Brittany, cough, cough) could fail to stick around for more than one year after season three without making a mockery of the entire premise. Already stars like Dianna Agron have appeared in movies like I Am Number Four and Chris Colfer is set to film Struck By Lightning, a movie he wrote himself.

Who are you betting will jump ship first? Morrison or one of the kids?


Image via vagueonthehow/Flickr

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