Bethenny Frankel Makes Ramona Singer a Mean, Drunk Housewife

Ramona SingerRamona Singer has never been the pillar of politeness since we first met her on The Real Housewives of New York, but she's never been quite as crazy and mean as she has been this season. She's always had a sharp tongue and a filter missing, but lately she's just been looking for trouble whenever she can pull the glass of Pinot Grigio away from her mouth long enough to speak.

Turns out there may a good reason for her prickly personality of late -- Bethenny Frankel. Recent reports say Ramona is so insanely jealous of Frankel that she's seething. Could her sour grapes about not being as successful as Frankel be the reason she's downing so many stomped upon grapes?


A source told

Ramona has always been jealous of Bethenny and didn't even want her on the show at first. Ramona is trying to play the sympathy card and came up with a plan to spin her negative press by saying that she is the 'Bethenny' of this season... Ramona is the person who really turned Bethenny against Jill [Zarin] and now it's backfiring on her!

She does appear to be a bit of a Bethenny wannabe with her Pinot Grigio to Frankel's Skinnygirl margaritas; and she does seem to be working pretty hard to get in fights with anyone who will engage her. She's also been pretty quick to call Frankel out for "exaggerating" how much money she's raked in with her margarita sales. So it could be true, I suppose.

Of course, the "source" for these accusations could very well be Jill Zarin, as she's been known to dish dirt to the media previously. Though even if it is all true, it still doesn't make Jill look any better or more sympathetic. She's mean enough on her own, no matter who else is behaving badly.

Do you think Bethenny Frankel is the source of Ramona Singer's bad behavior? Do you think Jill Zarin has anything to do with these reports?


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