Snooki's Car Crash Was No Accident -- Or Was It?

snooki and jwowwNicole "Snooki" Polizzi didn't just get into a fender bender while driving a Fiat in Italy, she hit a cop car. And she didn't just hit a cop car while driving a Fiat in Italy, she put two police officers in the emergency room. And you thought she was an embarrassment to Italian Americans. Shame on you.

The cops are fine -- the accident has been described as "low impact" by Italian authorities -- and luckily, there were no drugs or Ron Ron Juice (alcohol) involved. It was just Snooki, her brain cells, and cast mate Deena Nicole Cortese "doin' them" while driving around in a foreign country. And even more luckily, we'll get to see the whole thing play out before our very eyes in a few months, because -- shockingly -- MTV has everything on tape. And you thought season 4 of Jersey Shore was going to be boring. Double shame on you.


I'm starting to notice a pattern here with MTV, Jersey Shore, and Snooki in particular. It seems like each season, during filming, she does something totally asinine for the human race/totally great for ratings, and word gets out before the show airs. Amazing publicity stunts? Or is Snooki just a moron?

Let's see, last summer, before season 3 aired, everybody heard about how Snooki got arrested for public drunkenness at Seaside. It was all over the web, and I believe it graced the front page of one New Jersey newspaper -- which I won't mention by name. (If memory serves me correctly, though, I recall wandering down the stairs after spending the night at my parents' and seeing a wasted Snooki in a sideways trucker hat and over-sized wrap around sunglasses, underneath my father's half-drank mug of coffee.)

Now, while they're filming their Italy season -- which many are hating on already -- we find out that the self-proclaimed meatball has done it again. She's made news about the season before it's even aired. Now people are all, "Oh, damn, did you hear Snooki hit a cop car in Italy? I'm totally tuning in when that crap airs." It's insanity, people! The dumber the thing Snooki does, the more popular she -- and Jersey Shore -- become. And in turn, the world gets a little stupider each day.

So, do I think the things Snooki does are secretly publicity stunts for MTV? Not really. I think she's just an idiot. But do I think MTV executives' hearts skip a beat when they hear things like "Snooki crashed into a cop car?" Hell yeah.

What do you think of Snooki's latest antics?


Image via MTV

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