Not Even the Jabbawockeez Could Save 'The Bachelorette' Dance-Off (VIDEO)

Between the Monday night performance with the Jabbawockeez and the mysterious Creepy Dude (Jeff) who won't remove his mask, The Bachelorette seems to be grasping desperately for plotlines that involve masks. Or maybe it is just that the ridiculous "competitions" for winning the heart of the Bachelorette are already starting to get old.

Those group date competitions always strike me as ridiculously unfair. Pulling a group of men who have no dance experience, forcing them to choreograph a dance and making them perform it in front of a world renowned dance troupe and get their dates based on who wins seems more than a little ridiculous. And also kind of boring.

OK, yes, we know Bachelorette Ashley Hebert has an extensive dance background (it was her minor in college), so it was probably inevitable. But a dance-off? Really? See below:



I can think of about 100 ways I would have rather seen these dudes compete for Ashley's heart. On the other hand, Ashley is a good dancer and the Jabbawockeez were fun to watch, right?

A dance-off just seems a little hack. Although, considering Ashley chose another date on the flip of a coin, I am thinking she (or ABC, more likely) enjoys making their Bachelors look foolish on national TV.

Oh yes, I know. This is far from the first competition of its kind on this show. In one Bachelorette's season there was a songwriting competition, which I am pretty sure I blocked from my memory it was so awful and humiliating for those dudes.

How about we just focus on the dating, mmmkay? I think there is plenty of drama to be had there between Creep Jeff and his creepy mask, Bentley the scammer and poor, sweet widower West. There is no shortage of good material just based on the actual people in the house. No dance-offs needed.

So, please, spare us the dance offs and get to the good stuff!

Does this stuff bore you, too?


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