Bachelor Bentley Is Worst Dude in 'Bachelorette' History

Whether he is plotting to win a dance contest with the Jabbawockeez dance troupe in Las Vegas or openly telling the camera that The Bachelorette Ashley Hebert is "not my type" (several times), it seems Bentley is the guy we love to hate this season. But is he the worst villain in Bachelor history?

A few seasons ago, when Jillian was being wooed by 25 men on her Bachelorette season, there was Wes -- the country crooner who made sure we all knew that "they say love it don't come easy" and publicly humiliated Jillian by telling the cameras one thing while telling Jillian another. There have been "villains" on the Bachelor, too, but they have always been a little less open. But even Wes pales in comparison to Bentley.

In previews for next week, he seems to say, "I am going to make Ashley cry. I just hope my hair looks good." Yowza.


Now, I am no fan of a woman who goes on national television to find love and yes, along with the fame and elaborate dates in which she rows out to the middle of the Bellagio fountain to eat dinner with her suitor (William) comes the inevitable douche-bag line-up. But this guy takes it to another level.

It is one thing to not be "there for the right reasons." Blah, blah. We hear this every season. But to openly denigrate the poor girl? To say something about having sex with her (I think?) that has to be bleeped by ABC and to relish every minute of being so cruel is just idiotic. If his reason for being there is to promote his business, he just made me (and half of America) never want anything to do with it.

There he is in Denver in his repulsive McMansion, talking about how he wishes it were Emily. Thanks but no thanks dude. Whatever you are selling, I want NONE.

On the other hand, Ashley is no victim. She was warned that this d-bag was, indeed CAPTAIN d-bag and she chose to ignore it. Some might say she was being smart to give him the benefit of the doubt, but, in fact, it is really, really stupid. He is a jerk! She heard from an alum from her season (Michelle Money) who is friends with Bentley's ex-wife that he was there to promote himself. She chose to ignore it.

Typically, if I get warned on something like that when I am about to go on a show notorious for attracting such crackpots, I would probably trust it. Even if it did some from last season's villain.

In the end, Bentley is the one who loses. HE will go home and he will have acted like a complete scumbag on national television. Ashley will find her six months of "love" and all of us will forget Bentley existed. He will get no publicity for his business and will have humiliated his family on TV.

Dude, he's not even THAT cute.

Do you think he is the worst villain in Bachelor history?


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