'Khloe & Lamar' Season Finale Recap: Khloe Faces Infertility Fears


Khloe KardashianSay what you will about the Kardashians over-sharing every aspect of their lives, but there are times -- like on the season finale of Khloe & Lamar tonight -- that the sharing is bound to touch and help others facing similar issues. The issue at hand tonight: Infertility.

Since marrying Lamar Odom in September 2009, the world has watched Khloe's belly and waited for any sign of a bump. Rumors and speculation have run rampant, and tonight Khloe finally showed us the real fear and worry that has gone on behind the scenes -- graphic gynecologist scene included.

It's such an emotional issue, and largely taboo even today. So hearing someone as admired as Khloe open up about infertility is likely comforting to many as she lets women know they're not alone.

After some ridiculously annoying and ill-informed comments and questions from her mother, Kris Jenner (Are you sure you're having enough sex? You're just stressing too much.), Khloe finally went to see the afore-mentioned gynecologist. She didn't want to worry Lamar as she waited for tests, and the stress of it all made her emotional and irritable.

When she finally broke down and told Lamar what was going on, he once again showed how great he is and said all the right things -- namely, that he loved her no matter what. In the end, all the tests came back fine, which means: Khloe and Lamar are going to have a baby ... sometime anyway, or at least most reasons that they won't have been ruled out. What a relief! Let the baby bump watch resume.

Ironically, at the same time Khloe was "freaking out" about the possibility of never being able to get pregnant, her bother Rob Kardashian was faced with the possibility he was going to be a daddy after having unprotected sex. The one night stand with Rosa in Las Vegas (when he ditched Malika) supposedly ended up in a pregnancy.

More freaked out than anyone was Malika, who clearly has deep feelings for Rob. His becoming a baby daddy to someone else, wasn't in her plans. Kris Jenner was a close second for most freaked out, as she berated him at a Lakers Game for his irresponsible behavior. You could just see the dollar signs flashing furiously through her mind.

Rob finally showed some of the first signs of maturity and tracked Rosa down after not hearing from her for days. In an emotional scene she let him know that he was off the hook, as she had a miscarriage. Malika was more than relieved, and hopefully the whole experience taught Rob a lesson. Though, as much as I hate to say it, I doubt it will.

The finale ended with a "family" dinner including Jamie, who was back from his "wellness retreat" and feeling good. Everyone was thankful, and optimistic about things going forward, including bunches of babies from Khloe and Lamar. And while it's farewell to Khloe & Lamar for now, it's not really goodbye to the couple as Keeping Up With the Kardashians premiers June 12 -- never a lag in Kardashian land.

What did you think about Khloe Kardashian's honest look at infertility?  Which of the Kardashian shows is your favorite?

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nonmember avatar Jen

Applause applause to khloe kardashian for being real about stress of conceiving and being real.I have faced a similar battle myself and 2 half months will be a mom . Not all of us are fertile mertles!

starl... starlight1968

well she's good to go but is HE??

Bikin... BikingMom

1. I love Caroline's loyalty and no bs attitude!  2.  I think Teresa's brother, sister-in-law,cousin,and cousin-in-law are the most negative, back-biting, uneducated people I have seen on any of the Housewives shows.  I would stay away from them too if I were her.  Teresa actually seems like a victim this season!  The brother obviously needs psychological help. 

Courtney Paige Neale

Starlight, I was thinkin the same thing. Go Khloe for sharing this with the world!! I must admitt she is my fave, and now I have yet another reason to love her!

Lisa Alskog

I love khloe and everytime I catch the show Lamar is always being a fantastic husband

nonmember avatar mommy2b

UMMM Biking mom i think yu've got the wrong show lol

Jesse... JessecaLynn

My brother and sil had troubles concieving even after all the test came back normal for both of them and there wasn't any reason why they shouldn't get pregnant.  They ended up having to do IVF, and thankfully that worked and now they have a 1 yr old.

Janell Chapman

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