Lady Gaga's Album for 99 Cents Is a Monster Deal

born this wayAs far as Little Monsters are concerned, this past Monday was an international holiday, thanks to the release of Lady Gaga's third album, Born This Way. Some of us downloaded it through iTunes at midnight, while others went out on our lunch breaks to pick it up in person. (Psst, Best Buy is selling it along with some pretty cute tees and totes!) But Amazon had a trick up its sleeve that many of us weren't expecting. They decided to sell the regular version of the album (not the deluxe, which has remixes) for UNDER A DOLLAR. 99 cents to be exact.

Oh. My. Gaga. What a steal! I'm loving this album so much, I would have paid full retail value for it.

If you missed it on Monday, don't worry -- you didn't fall off the "Edge of Glory." (Sorry, couldn't resist.) Because the Amazon deal's still going on!


Little Monsters may have crashed Amazon on Monday, but apparently, the site is ready for a second influx of fans. But it's not like they're doing it as a service to the Gaga faithful. They just hope it will lead to more people using the site's Cloud Drive for storing their music (and buying their music on Amazon rather than iTunes) and playing it using Amazon's Cloud Player. If you download Gaga for 99 cents, you get an insta-upgrade to the 20GB tier of Cloud Drive storage for a year. That is a pretty sweet promo.

If you do take the 99-cent Born This Way bait, just be prepared to fork over $20 for that 20GB tier after your free year is up!

Have you or would you buy Born This Way for 99 cents from Amazon?


Image via Amazon

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