New 'Breaking Dawn' Poster: You Won't Believe Your Eyes! (PHOTO)

Breaking Dawn poster

There are nearly six unbearable months to go until Breaking Dawn Part 1 is released, but at least we can gaze longingly upon the movie's first official poster, which was released last night! Except, wait ... what is there for us to gaze at here? The tippy-tops of some pine trees? A cloudy, sunrise-lit sky?

Wait, this is one of those optical illusion eye tricks, isn't it?



At first I really thought this poster was like one of those "Magic Eye" posters (remember those?) where if you looked at a pattern the right way, a picture would suddenly emerge. So I squinted at the clouds on the Breaking Dawn poster for a while, but no images of Bella, Edward, or Jacob popped out. Maybe they were hiding among the treetops, like in Where's Waldo? Nope, not there either. Clearly all of the film's key players (particularly Renesmee, the cutest vampire/human hybrid baby ever!) are down there on the forest floor, but what are they doing?!

Sure, the sky is very pretty and dramatic and portentious of very pretty people and very dramatic events to come, but come on, seriously? You're pushing a movie starring some of the hottest people on the planet and you don't put them on the poster?

Well, I guess this enigmatic poster is a pretty good marketing plan ... as if we Twilight fans aren't on the edge of our seats already. Now we're really biting our nails in anticipation!

Do you like the Breaking Dawn Part 1 poster?


Image via Summit Entertainment

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