Disney Royal Wedding Photo: Did You Get Duped?

facebook royal wedding cinderella disney

If you're on Facebook, you have, no doubt, seen this photo, which compares two Royal Wedding photos to two insanely close Cinderella photos. And maybe when you first saw it, you were like, Awww, Prince William and Kate Middleton totally copied Disney for their wedding and Cuuute, the Royal Wedding really WAS a fairytale wedding ...

Sorry, hopeless romantics, I'm about to burst your bubble. The photos have been Photoshopped just to mess with your mushy-love-obsessed minds. And it pretty much worked for a half a day or so! Did it not?


facebook royal wedding cinderella disneySee the evidence.

A. A Disney prince in a British Army red jacket? Nope, didn't happen. Prince Charming wore red pants, yes, but his jacket was yellow, even for his and Cinder's wedding.

B. A brunette Cinderella? Yeah, right?! In fact, there wasn't a brunette Disney Princess until Belle and Jasmine came along, my friends.

C. No red-headed stepsister? We all know that one of the evil stepsisters -- Anastasia -- was a redhead, not a brunette like Eugenie. And Drizella was not fair-haired like Beatrice. Cause in the world of old-school Disney, blondes are pretty and stepsisters are ugly. So she was, of course, a brunette.

D. Stepsister dress colors all wrong. In the original Cinderella movie, Anastasia wore pink and Drizella wore gold and chartreuse. Nice Photoshop work though.

Did you get duped by this photo?


Images via Facebook

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