'Teen Mom' Amber Portwood Finally Loses Leah


Amber Portwood, the troubled teen mom from MTV's hit show Teen Mom, has (finally!) lost custody of baby daughter Leah and not a moment too soon. A judge ruled that recent events in Amber's life have made her home life unsafe for her 2-year-old daughter, and Gary Shirley -- Leah's father -- is now the sole custodian.

So bad were the circumstances, in fact, that even Amber agreed that Leah wasn't safe. Rumor has it that Amber had an affair with a neighbor's boyfriend, which sparked two acts of vandalism, one against her home and one against her car. 

Child Protective Services believed that Portwood's home was an unsuitable living situation for a baby, though she will have visitation rights. And all I have to say is this: What took them so long?

Amber has been a hot mess for months. Between beating her boyfriend (she is facing trial for that) and appearing in the tabloids for sleeping around, posing nude, neglecting her child, and generally messing up almost constantly, it was time that someone somewhere take her child away.

The fact is, there were cameras recording a lot of Portwood's actions and they weren't healthy or normal. There were many times MTV should have stepped in or called the police and they didn't.

But maybe in the end, her notoriety will help baby Leah. In any other real life case, she would just be your stereotypical trashy mess, but because she is on television, people are paying attention and maybe more willing to reach out and help Leah.

Maybe reality television will save her life.

Do you think Amber deserved to lose Leah?


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nonmember avatar Ashley

I think its about time, there is something mentally wrong with amber that she needs to fix before taking care of leah, there is no reason that poor little girl should have to go through any of that mess, all that drama and danger. NO POINT!! Leah didnt choose that lifestyle, so don't put her through it!

nonmember avatar Christina

ya she has beatten the hell out of het daughers dad the dad should have leah

Rara Radford

no amber is a great mother because she trying to get a GED so she can provide for leah.

nonmember avatar heather

i thinl she could for now to much for a two year old to see poor baby should not be around mess like that glad she is being took care of now maybe amber can get it rigth and know she needs to clean her act up and of she dose not than she dont need that baby girl i watch that show all the time

Alexis Ty Logan


lil_m... lil_mama870

ur stupid just bc she was tyin to get he GED dont mean shit...no mother should be wasted all the time or shit.. and posing nude aint nothing what a 2 year old should be raised around..Its bout time amber had whats coming to her and Gary gets Leah..She was way better off it being that way from the start.

there... theresaphilly

I agree Amber needs help, hopefully she can get it now. Just because you are trying to better yourself through education, does not mean you are a good mother. She needs help and she knows it. At this time Gary is a better parent and that is the best for the little Leah.

nonmember avatar Vanessa

yeah i think its about time she faces reality. she is no way [nor was she ever] to be a real mother.. i too got pregnant at 16 and its tough there is no question about that but my life changed me for the better! idk how someone can just neglect their child after bonding with them for 9 months in the womb.. idk maybe she'll clean up her act and step on the right path...

poshkat poshkat

its about time!!

JIJsM... JIJsMommie

FINALLY! It should have happened sooner! If you're an unfit mother, you shouldn't have your kid. Simple as that.

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