Marie Osmond Wedding Is Like Deja Vu


Marie Osmond and Stephen CraigAfter all the heartache Marie Osmond has suffered from her son's suicide death last year, it's great to see her smiling, as she did today when she walked down the aisle for the third time. She married Stephen Craig, who was her first husband, in a private ceremony at the Las Vegas Mormon Temple.

Such a sweet reunion to see the two find their love for each other once again. They were originally married in 1982, but only stayed together for three years. Over the years, they kept in touch and along the way, romance blossomed again. They say the death of her son, Michael Bryan, brought them even closer together, and they chose to wed today, because it was his birthday. So bittersweet!

While her wedding took most people by surprise, it was perhaps her choice of wedding dress that was most surprising.

As you can see in the picture, it's lovely, but it's the same dress that she wore for her first wedding!

I was cleaning out my garage and all of a sudden this box showed up in this pile of stuff … and it was this dress and it was five days ago. I’m not kidding. I can’t breathe, but I’m in it.

Talk about deja vu. The only thing that changed was her veil, choice of jewelry, and the groom's tux -- from white to black.

Kind of sweet and nostalgic, but also kind of odd. Not to be superstitious or anything, but if the marriage was marred just three years after she walked down the aisle in the dress, I think I'd try a fresh start. Besides, who gives up the chance to buy a new wedding dress?!

Also, seeing as how she was married again in between, isn't it a bit strange that she kept her first wedding dress? Especially given the fact that she was married for almost 20 years to her second husband, Brian Blosil, and had seven kids with him?

I've only been married once, but I can't imagine keeping the dress from the wedding of someone I divorced for all those years. Good thing she did though, because it seems to have come in handy.

What do you think about Marie Osmond wearing the same dress to marry the same man again?

Image via Splash News

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Lynette Lynette

it's romantic

nonmember avatar Elle

Mormons don't actually walk down an aisle at their ceremony.

jaxmadre jaxmadre

I still have my wedding dress from my distastrous marriage. I want to throw it in the garbage. But I don't. Because it was expensive. Still have my ring, too. But I would never, NEVER wear either of them ever again. Ever. **shudder**


I also think it's kind of romantic and sweet.

Truel... Truelove77

Awwww good for her kinda surprises me but good for her!

Tink61 Tink61

Nothing she does suprises me, Im most certain I would. Good thing she can have them make it larger on short notice, she says she fit into it , It definitely has been alter

Don't forget she was a kid and rather flat, then out of the blue she grew. I wish her the best and hope she didn't do this to satisfy her spiritual being.she seems to rush in things rather quickly

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