Deb Mazar: HBO's Entourage Star is a Mom on a Mission

Photo by: Entourage/HBO

Deb Mazar is fabulous in her role as Shauna, on HBO's Entourage.  She plays Vince's  tough talking publicist, who takes no lip from movie star Vince and his boys! I was lucky enough to talk to Deb last week about being a mom, and new website.


According to Deb, her character on Entourage is a woman that many moms can relate to. Shauna is constantly juggling work and family, getting pulled in a dozen directions. Sound familiar? After she became a mother, a health problem Deb had been struggling with for years, insomnia, became more severe.

Deb has been suffering from insomnia for years and she's on a mission to share her story with other moms. Everybody knows that if mama isn't feeling good, the whole family is off center!

Mazar worked with Takeda Pharmaceuticals to create The site has advice and information for people who can't sleep.

Cafe Kristen at Healthy Living Buzz has a great article about the new website, as well as sleep tips for tired moms.

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