Scarlett Johansson & Sean Penn Get Frisky at Obama Dinner


Sean Penn Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson & Sean Penn
Wow, I know Sean Penn is totally hot for political activism, but I didn't know politics made him extra hot for his latest fling Scarlett Johansson. In fact, rumor has it the two were getting a little hot 'n' heavy during the White House Correspondents' Dinner with President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama the other night.


Wait until you hear who was sitting on whose lap and whose clothing was "askew" after the couple ducked out for a quickie quick intermission.

The rumors about the couple's serious PDA at the official dinner the other night come from more than one source, which means they're more than likely a little true, no?

According to the New York Post, a shocked witness said Scarlett "plopped" down in Sean's lap and they were kissing. Then the couple left the room for an hour or so and when they returned, Penn's tie was "askew."

Oh my ... not the time or the place for a kinkfest, you two.

Another eyewitness told Us Weekly that Scarlett and Sean participated in an "intense" make-out session right as the main course was being served. This witness corroborates that Scarlett was sitting in Penn's lap for part of the meal.

Get a room already, huh? Or better yet, go home. You do live together, you know?

The same witness says the couple then took their brazen behavior into the courtyard where:

Scarlett was pawing at Sean, holding onto his hip while he was smoking. She gave him a short kiss. But then they took a walk some 30 feet away, broke off from the group and kissed some more.

Johansson told Us magazine, "I really want to get more involved." And we think she might mean with Sean Penn. But then again, sounds like they're plenty "involved" already. Horn dogs ...

What do you think of Scarlett and Sean's rumored affections at a dinner with the President?


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Is he still married to Robin Wright?

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facinating, but, it wont last, it never does


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