Antonio Sabato Jr. Gives Baby Longest Name Ever


antonio sabato jr. wifeAs far as I'm concerned, celebs -- or anyone else, for that matter -- can name their kids whatever whacked-out, crazy thing they want: Apple, Coco, Maddox. Who cares? This philosophy applies doubly to middle names ... hey, I'm no celebrity and I still gave my son the middle name of Leopold and I've since been told he's destined to be either a king or a pope. 

But even I must take issue with the middle name Antonio Sabato Jr. gave his son this weekend: Welcome, Antonio Kamakanaalohamaikalani Harvey Sabato III!

I bet you think I just fell asleep at my laptop and that string of incomprehensible letters is the result of my forehead banging against the keyboard. But no! It's true, I am not making this up. Sabato and his wife, Cheryl, chose the Hawaiian name for its meaning: beloved gift from the heavens. That's sweet, but why not just call the kid Antonio Beloved Gift From the Heavens Harvey Sabato III? That version has about the same amount of letters, plus it serves the same dual purpose as those cool Native American names that spell out a person's whole personality/purpose in life, like Dances With Wolves. (Although, yikes -- god help the woman who marries a man who thinks he's a beloved gift from the heavens.)

I just keep thinking about those writing worksheets they send home from school in kindergarten, the ones printed with your kid's full name to practice tracing. Can you imagine? No 5-year-old should have to stay up past midnight to finish his homework. That's just wrong.

Do you think Antonio Sabato Jr. went too far?


Image via SplashNews

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vamom08 vamom08

Oh my god!! The parents should have thought about the child not theirselves.

nonmember avatar F. Smith

I'd like to inform the writer of the article that "King Leopold", also known more infamously as "King Leopold of the Congo" was a a profits and racial hatred motivated mass murderer and oppressor of the Congolese people. His actions have been considered Genocide for at least 100 yrs now.

I'll advise finding and referencing more appropriate Leopolds in the future.

nonmember avatar abi

Unless the father has that same name, this kid can't be a III. He's the only one. I wish people would understand how suffixes work.

Leean Shero

He did not go too far. I'm assuming his mother is Hawaiian (or is from Hawaii since her middle name is also Hawaiian.) It's a Hawaiian thing to do. There are people in Hawaii with much longer FIRST names then that. This article is actually quiet rude, and the only time he would have to spell his whole MIDDLE name would be on official documents, like college application, or in his high school year book.

Papahana Niuolahiki

Ms. Shero is pololei (correct). It is a timed honored tradition to have a Hawaiian middle name no matter how long it is. It's amazing how culturally insensitive some people can be. Ms. Burt, the next time you are in Hawai'i, please look deeper. It might help you to gain a different perspective and understanding on Hawaiian culture and values. Aloha.

nonmember avatar Niuolahiki

Hawaiʻi is part of the United States, but the naming practices on the islands are totally different from that of the mainland USA. Most names are not particular to one gender and often one name is added to another to create long, polysyllabic names. Most Hawaiian names come from objects of beauty, such as Mamo (yellow flower) and Wainani (beautiful water), and many start with the letter 'K', such as Kamakani (the wind) and Kalei (the garland).

buckb... buckbuckmeow

As the mom of a child with both a cool Native American name AND a Hawaiian middle name (WabokanimaKwe Mahina) I love it!!

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