'Glee' Star Dianna Agron Finds Next Career (VIDEO)

Dianna Agron GleeDianna Agron is at the top of her game right now. The Glee star revealed hidden depths on the show this past week as a one-time chubster taunted by her classmates with names like Lucy Caboosey who escaped bullying to become head cheerleader at a whole new school (with the new name, Quinn Fabray, to match). Her machinations to become prom queen finally make sense. And to top all that off, the newly minted movie star is just turning 25 today (happy birthday baby!), leaving plenty of time to springboard from Glee on to bigger and better.

So what was Agron doing on the OTHER SIDE of a camera this week? Flirting with a new career in case this whole stardom thing doesn't work out? Yes, Gleeksters, it seems Agron has a backup plan should America give up on this fascination with peppy pop covers.


She makes a pretty mean photographer. Take a look:

Believe it or not, that's Agron in the black wig, hopping around with an SLR in hand shooting celebrity photographer Tyler Shields. That he convinced her to step out from in front of the camera and try her hand at the other side of things isn't that suprising. Agron was the most apologetic member of the Glee group in the wake of their sexy GQ shoot last year.

She's been the most retiring member of the gang when it comes to talk about her popularity, especially in terms of being a hottie in high school. And her Tumblr, Down the Rabbit Hole, is fully of arty shots she's taken herself -- my favorite being Artie aka Kevin McHale's goofy mustachioed man socks.

Take a look at Agron's new portfolio and tell us: do you see a future on the other side of the camera for everyone's favorite Cheerio?


Image via Splash News

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