6 Stars Who Are Secretly Going Bald


bruce willisEveryone knows some women in Hollywood have a rough time when it comes to aging. Pressured to ply themselves with Botox and tuck and lift everything, there's no end in sight to the gratuitous amounts of plastic surgery in that town. On the other hand, men in Hollywood usually get away with being considered even more handsome as they age. (Think George Clooney, Richard Gere, John Slattery.) Their biggest dilemma it seems: The Great Caper of the Missing HAIR. Yup, goin' bald. It happens to the best of 'em. Some of them own it (like Bruce Willis here), while others attempt to cover it up. In fact, many male celebs are actually secretly balding.

Here, a few entertainers who have somehow managed to (mostly) keep their hair issues under wraps to avoid becoming the next celeb spokesperson for the Hair Club for Men ...

John travolta 

John Travolta - For years, people in "the biz" have said that the former Vinnie Barbarino is two things: Balding and gay. For some reason -- Scientology? -- Travolta continues to argue that they're all wrong; he tries to prove that he does have a full head of hair and sexual attraction to the ladies, namely his wife Kelly Preston! All I gotta say ... the proof is in the pictures. But I still love you just the way you are, John!

matthew McConaughey 

Matthew McConaughey - Besides being perpetually shirtless, the ladies' man is apparently naturally hair-less. Or at least lacking in that department. In 2006, it was rumored that he had a hair transplant. Who cares? Real or fake wavy locks, The Lincoln Lawyer is still hella hot.

tim mcgraw

Tim McGraw - Pictured here in the rare shot of him sans hat, the country crooner is known for his many hats. (Much like Kanye's many sunglasses or Gaga's many backasswards shoes.) The reason: Some say he's a hat-aholic, because he's actually losing a lot of hair or is naturally bald. But if he's got Faith Hill on his arm, so what?

nic cage bald

Nic Cage - Given his recent wackadoo behavior, his lack of real hair is probably the last thing on anyone's mind, but yeah, apparently Nic's last name (which is really Coppola) isn't the only thing that's fake anymore. So's that "mop" of hair. He's actually badly balding.


Hugh Laurie - Say it isn't so! House is losin' his hair. Yeah, sad but true. Despite appearing on the show sporting lush locks, the TV doc has an enormous bald patch.

tom brady

Tom Brady - Doesn't matter that the womanizing NFL QB's married to the hottest supermodel on the planet. He's losin' his hair, people! National Enquirer reporters claim they found him visiting a hair-transplant clinic recently. So that's what might explain ponytail-gate!

Are you surprised that any of these famous guys are going bald?


Images via George Weinstein/Flickr, Leveckis/LondonEnt/Splash News; A-way!/Splash News; Keith Hinkle/Flickr; Kevin Tostado/Flickr; Getty Images; Splash News; Howard How/Getty

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nonmember avatar Jay

What makes Brady a womanizer? Because he's had 2 high profile women in 10yrs? You guys are prudes

Ashley Castillo

I thought it was because he left one while she was still pregnant for the other? Or is my timeline off? Eh whatever, still don't like the Patriots.

maggi... maggiebgood

A more interesting article would be Hollywood women who are secretly going bald.

nonmember avatar ruisliptiger

Hold the front page, men go bald as they get old shocker!

If women weren't so obsessed with not only their own appearance, but the appearance of their role models as well then leading men wouldn't feel the need to cover it up.

I find articles that pick women's appearance apart abhorrent. This article further allows those articles to become acceptable.

It an indirect form of bullying. Maressa, you should be ashamed of yourself.

nonmember avatar SYLVI212

I'm laughing at the "secretly going bald" statement. I think pretty much everyone has known for a while now those guys are losing their hair. Its pretty obvious. Most of us women can spot their fake hair a mile away. They are still good actors though, so I really don't care if they have hair or not.

Lew Osteen

Why is it okay for a woman to wear a wig but a man can't???

nonmember avatar Homer

Who cares?

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