Royal Wedding Watch: Balcony Kiss Gone Wild! (VIDEO)

Sheri Reed

Kate William Kiss
Kate & William -- The Kiss!
Well, this modern royalty is already shaking things up at Buckingham Palace. Prince William and his new bride Kate Middleton came out onto the palace balcony to greet the roaring crowd of royal watchers. That's the traditional part, which is traditionally followed by the newly married couple's first kiss as husband and wife.

But that kiss wasn't enough for these two. Oh no, it wasn't.

William and Kate came out on the balcony with the Queen and the rest of the royal wedding party, including the bride's family, bridesmaids, and pageboys. They waved and made nice. And then they kissed -- finally!

Of course, it was so quick that I blinked and missed it. What???

But here comes the shocker!!! A few minutes later, Wills went in for a SECOND KISS from his bride. DANG! So brazen for a royal! And the second lipsmack was much longer and sweeter. I think Wills wanted to prove to his new wife that he could deliver a kiss that kills (as if she doesn't already know that *wink*). Oh yeah.

Finally a little excitement. Very little. But I'll take it.

WATCH the balcony kiss and military flyover:

Did you see the kisses? What's your rating?


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