8 Sexiest Rob Pattinson Scenes in 'Water for Elephants'

water for elephants rob pattinson One of the main reasons I was psyched to check Rob Pattinson out in Water for Elephants, which opened last Friday, was because I wanted to see how he fared opposite a leading lady other than his real-life love Kristen Stewart. And I've always been a fan of one of America's sweethearts Reese Witherspoon.

Although some critics have complained that the two suffer from a lack of chemistry on-screen, I didn't see that problem. (Maybe it's just that they don't have the same off-the-charts chemistry that R-Pattz has with K-Stew, because they're actually in love. Duh.)

In fact, there were definitely a handful of take-your-breath-away romantic scenes in the heart-wrenching flick. (Warning: If you don't want anything from the film "spoiled," don't read on.) Here, the 7 scenes where Rob Pattinson proves he's a sexy, charming leading man with or without white vampire makeup.


1. When Rob's character Jacob Jankowski first arrives at the circus, he steps into a tent where the burlesque entertainment is intended for adult eyes only. Jacob's a little stunned at first, but then begins to take in and enjoy the view. Seeing him go from bashful to "bring it on" is a little more cute than sexy, but hey, aren't those two often one in the same?

2. Once Jacob makes his way onto the train, he has a close encounter with the burlesque performers who -- for obvious reasons -- think he's uber-cute and jump all over him. But being the sweet, polite Cornell veterinary student that he is, Jacob puts off their advances. What a gentleman!

3. At one point, a drunken hazing "Welcome to the circus!" incident finds Jacob dressed in what I can only refer to as "clown drag." Maybe thanks to all that time spent in vampire makeup, Rob manages to pull it off while coming off as totally charming!

4. In one of his first flirtatious scenes with Marlena (Reese Witherspoon), Jacob tells her from across a smoky table, "You're a beautiful woman. You deserve a beautiful life." Heart. Palpitates. A bit. Faster! (FYI: This line very much foreshadows the ending, which will leave you in happy tears.)

5. After their champagne-heavy celebration gets raided by the cops (this is during Prohibition after all), Jacob and Marlena run for it, and end up in a dark alleyway out of breath. You know where this is going right away. They kiss for the first time (eee!), but a freaked-out Marlena flees. Sigh.  

6. Jacob is welcomed (again?) to the circus family by getting pied and sprayed down. As you'd assume Prince Charming -- I mean, Jacob played by Rob -- would, he handles it with grace. Then he gets a romantic stare and meaningful kiss on the cheek from Marlena. Awwwwww. The only thing that spoils this is that Marlena's scary-as-hell hubby notices their bond, and it's kinda downhill from there.

7. WFE takes a page right out Titanic's playbook when Jacob asks Marlena if she wants to jump off a moving train with him. He jumps, she jumps. If they're gonna do it, they gotta do it ... NOW. I think you can guess what happens, but anticipating it could make your heart beat right out of your chest.

8. The sex scene. Yeah, sorry, there's only one. The one that Rob supposedly cried and sniffled through the filming of. If he was having a meltdown of some sort, you can't tell whatsoever. It's a perfectly lovely -- albeit somewhat brief and not all that steamy -- scene.

If you saw WFE already, what was your favorite scene? If you plan to see it, what are you looking forward to the most?


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