Gretchen Rossi & Tamra Barney Weird Off-Screen Friendship


gretchen rossiEvery time I think I can't hate Gretchen Rossi any more than I already do, she makes like Emeril and turns it up a notch. When she first appeared on Real Housewives of Orange County, I didn't mind her, kind of liked her even. I felt bad that the other Housewives were mean to her, and there was even about four seconds where I thought she actually loved Jeff. But it seems that with each new season -- and every time I hear that fake, annoying laugh -- Gretchen gets a little more obnoxious both on, and off, screen.

Recently the blonde bombshell bimbo told PopEater that not only does Tamra Barney have "camera balls," she's also "evil" and a "train wreck." But, it's cool, guys. She can say it, because they're, like, totally besties off screen.

It's clear that Gretchen is dying to be the star of the show this year. The very first episode she came in, guns blazing, with her new hair extensions, new attitude, and new face. She ripped Tamra a new one at her party, and had a newly-formed alliance with the second most annoying person on the show, Alexis. Now she's trying to act like she totally doesn't want to be the most popular -- because that means you're the craziest.

I think [Tamra] wants to be the star of the show, and that's fine with me. Because if she wants to be the star of the show, that means she's a train wreck, so I'm totally OK with that.

And then I'm sure she cackled her seizure-inducing laugh.

Look, despite the fact that Tamra has actually grown on me a bit this season, I definitely don't think she is without fault. Not even close. Her bathtub scene with Eddie made me want to crawl out of my skin and into my oven (that was pre-heated). But for Gretchen to say Tamra's the biggest train wreck? And that she amps it up for the camera? That's crazy! Not because Tamra doesn't amp it up, but because Gretchen is the worst of all!

I mean, her beauty line -- ugh, Gretchen Christine Beaute; her handbag line; Slade! Gretchen is doing everything in her power to try to become Bethenny Frankel. Tamra is just being a self-centered Orange County "housewife."

And how on earth could she say that they're "friends" off camera after saying such mean things? She said:

Tamra definitely turns it on for the cameras. She and I get along really well off camera, but when we're on camera, she's just mean and evil. Not nice.

What kind of a friendship is this, where you can trash your "friends" to gossip sites? How can you be friends off camera, and enemies on? I don't get it! Gretchen is desperate to get her name out there, and dying to become the most "popular" housewife. Gross.

I think all of the housewives are pretty much awful human beings -- but make for fantastic TV! But I would take being friends with Tamra over being friends with Gretchen any day of the week!

Who do you think you would be friends with out of all the Housewives? Who is the worst of all?

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nonmember avatar homer

Tamra is so loathsome, leathery & stupid she makes Gretchen seem like the most delightful woman alive.

Carla Watts Sadlier

I dislike all of the OC housewives.  Actually I don't really like any of the housewives except maybe Caroline.  I think that Caroline and I would come closer to being friends than any of them.  I really like Betthany Frankel.  I think she has an honest view of herself and I like what she has made of herself through her own hard work.

nonmember avatar Irene

I used to like Vicki, but i find her way too opinionated and difficult this year. In fact, i don't really like any of the OC Housewives anymore. I'd say i can relate to the NJ HW the most. I like Caroline and i also liked Dina.

nonmember avatar Melanie

I find the show entertaining but I'm sure all of the women on the RHOC are probably awful. Peggy Tanous seems like the nicest one right now but that is probably just because she is just getting started. It seems to me that Housewives are pretty likable their first season and people call them a "breath of fresh air" but the longer they stay on the show they seem more mean spirited and petty.

Anyway, Tamra seems like a lot of fun and backstabby- I'd want to keep my friends close and enemies closer with that one.

Tracy Little Hanson

love gretchen rossi !!!!!! tamra and vickie are just wanabes no talent , and are willing to make there selfs look crazy to get attention!!!

Cornell Davis

All of these women have issues with themselves and each other. The women are so jealous of each other that it is not funny. There give being a women a bad name. I used to watch this show, but I got tired of there foolishness, talking about each other behind there backs and materialist ways. Sure it is good to have money, but there worshipped it. There marriages were not ideal at all. Cursing each other out, critizing once husband or wife in front of each other, especially Vicki.  It seemed at times that her husband couldn't do anything or say anything without Vicki jumping down the poor guys throat. It was just shameful and under call for. I am surprise that this show is still on the air, but I guess a lot of people like stupidity


Jennifer Row McCaughey

Think about it...the women on these shows are all crazy in a way and they aren't shy about showing it in front of a camera.  Several of them are aspiring actresses and now that Bethenny is a millionaire, they are shilling everything from alcohol to tanning salons.  That is starting to get on my nerves, by the way.  It's one thing to see someone pursuing their dream but the relentless self promotion for their get rich quick projects is annoying.  That's why I like Beverly Hills...they are either already running businesses that made them rich or they are actually rich or they are Taylor.  

Kiki Hart

I enjoy all these crazy bitches! I like all the different ones, NY, NJ, Atlanta,,,,,,,OC is still my fav, the Hollywood ones are fun too! THEY are all crazy bitches, funny to see grown woman with so much money act so dang crazy! THEY make me feel really good about me, I feel fine not having money, not having jewels, nicer clothes, etc., all of the money and material happiness in the world can't buy you class ~ Money Can't Buy you Class......LOL!

Tami McKnight

did she have a tummytuck??



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