U.S. Marines Make Up Killer Routine to Britney Spears' Song (VIDEO)


marineIt takes a dude really secure in his manhood to dance and lip sync to a Britney Spears song. It takes a whole other type of guy to videotape it for the world to see.

During some downtime, U.S. Marines in Afghanistan choreographed an unbelievable rendition of Britney Spears' "Hold It Against Me," complete with dudes whispering sweet nothings in other dudes' ears, hot Marine chicks, and a kick-ass break dance routine. A. Mazing!

If you do one thing today, you need to watch this video. And no offense, Britney, but it's, like, a thousand times better than yours.

Watch it:

How hilarious/amazing is this video?


Image via YouTube



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russe... russelsprout

OMG! i loved it.. i do think that this was the second best though.. my daughter dancing to it was better. LOLOL 

alyss... alyssasmom11007

Way to go!!!!!!!!  Happy Easter to all those in our military serving and protecting so we can be safe with our families back here

Veronika Kichura

love it!!!!! Thank you so much on many different levels.

lianye lianye

Love it 8)  My favorite tho is still the Navy Numa Numa video that was done YEARS ago 8)

Alicia Smith

Great job on the video....stay safe over there!!!

morga... morgansmommy06

<3 <3 love, Love, LOVE it!!!!  This is soo freakin awesome!  And yes, there were quite a few hotties!  Woo hoo!!  LOVE ME A MAN IN UNIFORM!!



jazzy... jazzysgrammy

totally awesome. wow what a great job. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.

Kathey Benash

We love you guys!! Stay safe over there and hopefully come home soon!!

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