'DWTS' Results: Petra Nemcova Brings Out the Tears

The results show for the fifth episode of the 12th season of DWTS saw tensions soaring high. Petra Nemcova, whom Len said was "at the top of leader board" a couple weeks ago, was sent packing.

It was unfair and when Petra started to tear up at the end, I did, too, but someone had to go. I would have been saying the same thing if Chris Jericho, whom Len said "did the best dance of his life last night," had been the one to go (he was the other star who was "in jeopardy" with Nemcova).

It really is a shame, though.


Nemcova was almost so beautiful, it hurt to look at her, but that wasn't her only good quality. First of all, she was tailor-made for dancing with her long limbs and beautiful lines. Though she may have been the weakest link in the dance chain, it does seem like Kendra should have gone before her. Alas, not all things are fair or make sense on Dancing With the Stars.

Somehow it would seem that Kendra Wilkinson, a star most famous for having her nude body painted at a party and catching the eye of octogenarian Hugh Hefner (oh, and making a sex tape!), has managed to amass more fans during her career than Nemcova, whose main goal in life is to help children whose lives have been devastated by a natural disaster.

She clung to a palm tree after a tsunami for EIGHT hours for god's sake and we send her home in the fifth week. This may have been America Week on DWTS, but it's hard to support a country who would vote so badly.

In more amusing news, this just in: Maksim Chmerkovskiy is sex on a stick. "Like a big stick that has been dipped in a boiling pot of sex," he explained. And normally I quibble with such overt displays of cockiness, but let's be real here: he is. He IS sex on a stick.

Thank you to Maks for at least giving me a moment of levity in an otherwise depressing show. I really will miss Petra, who was almost too sweet for comfort.

Do you think the right person went home?


Image via ABC

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