Justin Bieber to Twitter: It’s Not Me, It’s You

justin bieberFinally I can relate to Justin Bieber on a real level! Before, all we had in common was our penchant for high-tops, throngs of 14-year-old girls throwing themselves at us, and boyish good looks, but now -- our connection has deepened. Ladies and gentlemen, JBiebs, boy wonder and subject of female impersonation, has left the Twitter building. The non-Twitter users (me) rejoice!

Two days ago, he tweeted:

I'm just excited at this [point] to get on stage and perform. gonna take a little break from twitter and enjoy this time with my family until then.

I'm going to let the fact that he "quit" Twitter through Twitter slide and focus on the positive -- yay for a celebrity who doesn't feel the need to give the world a play by play of their life!


I don't do the Twitters. Yes, I'm aware that I'm in the minority, but I tried it for a week, and -- no mas. Trash ball that I am, I mostly followed celebs and I couldn't take it after seven days. Oh, look at that, Bethenny Frankel's getting a Diet Coke! Hey, Kim Kardashian is totally psyched about her new hat. Wow, Demi Moore found a dime on the subway today! By the time I logged off, I felt like I was living with these people! Too. Much.

Remember back in the day when the Oscars would come around? It was so exciting! We got to see all these real movie stars walking the red carpet, talking with reporters. It was fantastic -- like a peek behind the proverbial curtain. Stars were glamorous. They had mystique. They weren't "just like us." They were a treat because we didn't see them every freaking second!

Celebrities who tweet non-stop about what they're doing become boring. I don't care about them when I see them, because I just heard about what they were doing three seconds ago. I think it's admirable that Bieby-kins (I'm copyrighting that) is quitting. Especially since he is the Twitter generation. Now, maybe next time we see him, we can all be like, "Hmm, I wonder what that guy had for lunch today?"

What do you think of Justin Bieber quitting Twitter? And stars and Twitter in general?


Image via jake.auzzie/Flickr

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