5 Sexy Celebs Who Make Us Want to Go Green

leonardo dicaprioApril is Earth Month -- a time to think about going greener, sustainability, and hot, hot celebrities. Yes! It's true. There are some sexy Hollywood stars from whom we could learn a thing or two about doing our part to help Mother Earth. While going green is a serious lesson, why not have fun learning about it from some of the most beautiful people on Earth?

Here are the top five sexiest celebrity environmentalists. And if you get sweaty and need to cool down, don't reach for bottled water (landfills!), get some water from the tap or filtered pitcher. OK! On to the hotties:

Leonardo DiCaprio is no stranger to saving the planet. One of the highest paid actors in Hollywood, he forgoes private jets to fly commercial, drives a Toyota Prius, and in 1998, he started the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation to promote environmental causes.

leonardo dicaprio














Robert Redford has been fighting on behalf of wilderness protection since the 1970s -- this guy is one of the original environmentalists. His Sundance Channel airs programming dedicated to promoting Green education and lifestyle, and he served 30 years on the board of the Natural Resources Defense Council.

robert redford









George Clooney -- swoon. He can do no wrong. He's such a decent guy that I sometimes forget how good looking he is. Clooney started OilChange, an organization dedicated to ending America's dependence on foreign oil, and can be seen on the streets of LA in his hybrid Tango (looks like a Smart car).

george clooney









Cate Blanchett may make some curious choices when it comes to the Red Carpet, but she's spot on with her environmental trends. Her home is solar powered, she's a big supporter of Earth Hour, and she hopes to power the theater she owns in Sydney off the grid for one season.

cate blanchett









Julia Louis-Dreyfus makes us laugh more than anyone, but she's the first to admit that saving the planet is nothing to make fun of. Her home, like Cate's, is solar powered and she's been involved with environmental groups like Heal the Bay and Trust for Public Land.

julia louis-dreyfus

Can you think of more sexy celebrity environmentalists?

Photos from top to bottom via vanityfair.com, Global X/Flickr, cstova/Flickr, Siebbi/Flickr, Alan Light/Flickr



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mustb... mustbeGRACE

Leonardo and Prince Charles.

Too much time on their hands.

Why can't they just age gracefully and leave the environment to scientists, half of whom  say there is NO GLOBAL WARMING.


poshkat poshkat

wow to the one above me.............i love leo and all the other stars. they are using their public image for good instead of meltdown and drama. good for them! if i had the money i would have a solar powered house and a green car. i do what i can by using naturtal products to clean, and drive less.

Pbutt... Pbuttercup0625

I would like Leo more if he DIDN'T drive a prius. Seriously. I HATE those cars.  All the self-righteous smug people who drive them are so delusional.  News flash: The prius has a larger carbon foot-print then your normal economy car. The carbon footprint alone to just create the TWO lithium batteries PER CAR are the same as what it would be to make a complete car for just about any other regular economy size vehicle, and that is just for their batteries to MAKE them.  Then when they die (which they eventually will) it cost $2,000 (vs $35-$40 on any other car battery) to replace just one and then I would love to know how they plan on disposing the TWO lithium batteries without affecting the environment. My economy car, gets about 35mpg on freeway, has a 10gal tank that takes regular cheap gas, and all parts except for my ONE REGULAR battery are recyclable.  Yeah, the prius is a freaking joke.

Sherr... SherriPie

Definitely digging Leo!  He's so cute.  And Clooney's pretty hot.  Unfortunately Redford is out of my age range, although I'm sure he was a catch back in the day.

allie... alliesmom112

George and leo rank up there for me. I appreciate that stars are doing something good with their celebrity.

onecu... onecuteladybug2

I don't particularly find any of them attractive...

ceciliam ceciliam

Great article!

othermom othermom

It is nice that they are trying to do something good

sodapple sodapple

Cameron Diaz!

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