Jeff Buckley Biopic: Is Robert Pattinson Up for the Part?


Jeff Buckley biopicSinger/songwriter Jeff Buckley's life was cut short in 1997 when he drowned at age 30. And now, after years of anticipation, his life is being remembered in a forthcoming movie.

Filmmaker Jake Scott will direct the film, which starts production this fall. Although there's no word on who will play the California native, I can think of a few suggestions.

Qualifications? Mysterious, dark brown hair, piercing eyes, and most importantly ... a voice.

Johnny Depp: Since a majority of the film will take place while Buckley's in his 20s, the 47-year-old actor isn't my No. 1 choice. However, Jack Sparrow's eeriness, odd ability to carry a tune, and overall charm really fit the bill here. Maybe a slot as Buckley's father? His dad, a singer/songwriter himself, was an inspiration for him and his music and passed away from a drug overdose.

Robert Pattinson: If you want an instant box office smash, then putting R. Pattz in this film is a no-brainer. He has those deep eyes and a unique tone to his voice. I'm serious -- the man can actually sing! My only but? I think that the role deserves someone who doesn't necessarily have an alter-ego. Although Edward is pretty hunky.

James Franco: He's the perfect age, perfect height ... hell, he actually looks a lot like Buckley. But I have to admit Franco's cockiness is what kind of turns me off. And after watching him at the Oscars? Well, I'm still Franco-ed out.

Andrew Garfield: New to the movie scene, The Social Network star, who played Mark Zuckerberg's bestie Eduardo Saverin, has some potential here. Sure, he may not be a film veteran. However, if his performance in the Facebook smash is any indication of his potential -- this could be his REAL big break.

Jared Leto: Okay, okay, this is a little outside of the box. And sure, he may be a tad more "out there" than Buckley ever was. But the 30 Seconds to Mars front-man has a great voice and, with a quick dye job, a very similar look, don't you think? Not to mention ... I hear he's well-endowed. An extra bonus!

I'll admit, I was a little young to appreciate the talents of Jeff Buckley before his passing. However, if you're like me -- you caught on when his version of Leonard Cohen's song "Hallelujah" went gold and topped the charts in 2002. Take a look at Buckley in his prime:

Who do you think would make a great Jeff Buckley?


Image via YouTube

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Christeen Conrad

YES, YES, YES. Robert can sing. I wish he would finish his songs and put out an album. So much soul in that man.

nonmember avatar Stefani

As much as I'm in love with R Patz, I wouldn't want to see him in Jeff Buckley's role. He's too recognizable.. I'd want a fresh face.

nonmember avatar Jen

this is actually old news. rpattz has mentioned his desire to do the jeff buckley role.

nonmember avatar felicity

Not Pattinson. He's a terrible actor. Joseph Gordon Levitt or Darren Criss. James Franco's ideal but maybe a tad too old to play someone in his 20's.

Carolyn Martinez-Corbin

Robert would make it real for me. Very similar to Jeff in his music, personality, and looks. They are both so beautiful inside and out. People are too close minded though, and only want to see Twilight/Edward though. Robert is so much more...

Carolyn Martinez-Corbin

Robert is a great actor...How To Be, Remember Me, Little Ashes...and he is getting praise in Water For Elephants. Forget Twilight.

Zhou Candy

I like this page!

nonmember avatar urityratser

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