Is 'RHONY' As Fake As Jill & Kelly Say It Is?


jill and kellyThe ladies of The Real Housewives of New York visited The View this morning to hype season four of their show that debuts this Thursday on Bravo. Kelly Bensimon, Jill Zarin, Alex McCord, and Ramona Singer chatted with the hosts about last season, Bethenny Frankel, and vagina bedazzling.

If you thought the most interesting thing they talked about was decorating their hoo has, you're wrong. Jill said the show isn't real, Kelly reassured us that she's not crazy, and Alex shared that this season she really understood how to play into the reality TV scenario.

Basically they all said the show is fake.

The RHONY ladies can go sell this story somewhere else, because I know that you, me, and Andy Cohen will not buy into this egotistical, self-denying load of crap.

The show, while certainly staged and funded (those vacations for all the girls don't pay for themselves, am I right Bravo budget department?) isn't scripted. This isn't The Hills. What happens on the show happens in real life. If the camera catches you being a bitch, you were being a bitch. If the camera catches you walking an elderly woman across the street, you were walking an elderly woman across the street, while winking to the producers.

Of course there's editing, but hey, if a Housewife says something in the woods and it's caught on film, it makes a noise. So me finds it a little hard to believe that the show is entirely fake, that Jill thought her fight with Bethenny was a "wink wink" scenario for the camera, and that Kelly's breakdown didn't actually happen. Jill explains her fight with Bethenny as, you know, for the cameras. That it wasn't "real."

You wanna know what the truth is? The truth is I thought it was a wink-wink. We had a fight, I thought it was sort of drama for the show and that we would make up.

I don't believe for a second that Jill thought it was a fake fight orchestrated for ratings. I think she's trying to cover up her catty behavior from last season with the excuse that it wasn't her -- that she was acting. Don't think so, Jill.

When Sherri asked Kelly about her being so unstable last season, Kelly also took the tack that it was all a performance for the cameras.

I didn't fall apart. It's hard to be portrayed as crazy and it's hard to come back from that. Sorry you guys I didn't fall apart. I know it's hard for everyone to understand that ... I make great television and Bethenny and I create better television. So, I mean, that's what it is.

Sorry, Kelly. It's not you pretending to have lost your mind, or the studio powers that be somehow injecting words into your mouth and moving your jaw to make it look like you were saying those things -- it happened. During the Reunion show last season, Kelly blamed her wacky, if not completely unhinged, behavior on "systematic bullying." Now it's because she knows how to make great TV? Doubt it.

I never thought I would ever defend the realness of a reality show, but Jill and Kelly have pushed me over the edge here. Jill, you were sucky last year, and Kelly, you were freaking nuts. It happened. Deal with it.

Do you think the RHONY is as fake as Jill and Kelly say it is?

Photos from Flickr of Jill via nick step, of Kelly via david_shankbone

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jalaz77 jalaz77

I love RHONY!

sammi... sammie_jo78

I think it's both real and some extra drama to make it more watchable. I mean, I'm a housewife but no drama goes on here so who wants to watch that?

nonmember avatar Phyllis

Jill is horrid and Kelly is nuts....
I'm sorry they're back on the show.

Madel... MadelynMc

I'm pretty sure RH of Miami is proof that the shows are not scripted. If that shit was scripted, someone's getting fired. Worst. Season. Ever.

That being said, I think they play it up for the cameras, for sure.

nonmember avatar icey

Anyone who watched the show knows that Jill and Kelly are both lying. And Jill's lies, about her behavior, have changed and changed again. This most recent lie, about her behavior being a 'wink-wink' is the dumbest & biggest lie of all, but she probably had to construct some new lies it because now that they are doing press for the new season, she knew she was going to be asked about her reprehensible behavior last season. Jill cannot accept responsibility for her behavior ever, and her old lies didn't work, so she came up with yet another lie.

And Kelly is just nuts. That is a reputation that preceeded her onto RHONY. As anyone who had to work with her when her ex ran Elle and gave her a job there.

Bethenny is lucky she's out of there. And RHONY will be nothing without her.

Pascale Schmidt

these women cannot be real for if that is the way they behave in the real world, who would ever want to have anything to do with them???

Jessica Sims

This is all just a coy to make sure that continue with ratings. Those women (Jill & Kelly) know that they r the villains of the show and when Jill decided to show her inner devil this past season she had to come up with a good excuse why she was the way she was and what better way to not take responsibility for your actions and just say it was fake. Its typical rhony behavior especially from those two.

Patricia Procaccini

Jill & Kelly were made for eachother, one is a wack-nut and the other one wouldn't know the truth if it hit her in the face. The two of them are just awful.

lilly... lilly1014

I do not believe for one second that Jill and Kelly were Rhony, I believe Kelly is crazy and Jill is just spoiled.

nonmember avatar Bee

Jill is a flat out liar and two faced witch. Kelly is probably a lot more stable because Bravo most likely has a mental health clause in her contract this year. Meaning, stay on your meds and keep your psychiatrist appointments or your fired.

The new witch, Peggy, is the new fugly girl, I already cant stand her attitude. She is NOT all that! However, Kelly still holds the title for most manly body of the housewives.

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