Celebrity Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong (PHOTOS)


Lil KimPlastic surgery nightmares is one of our favorite subjects around here. They're like luxury car crashes we just can't help staring at as we drive by in our pickup trucks. It's amazing how a little nip there and a little tuck here can transform some of the most natural beauties into frozen-faced Freddy Kruegers. If there was an undo button we could press to return these ladies to their original form, we'd hit it faster than you could say "Botox addiction." And maybe they would, too.

Lil Kim -- There's nothing little about her obsession with plastic surgery.

Lil Kim













Nikki Cox -- I would've guessed she was in her late 40s, but the former Baywatch star is only 32. Her fillers and injections are aging her too fast!

Nikki Cox















Priscilla Presley -- She's half woman, half cat. How about a little less conversation, and a little less plastic surgery. I think those were the original lyrics to Elvis' hit song, no?

Priscilla Presley











Faye Dunaway -- The 70-year-old actress has gone too far. Is her nose even functional anymore?

faye d











Joan Van Ark -- The New York stage actress is becoming harder and harder to recognize. Is she a statue? Is she a human? Who knows.

joan van ark













Elsa Patton -- The mother of Marysol on the Real Housewives of Miami, she reminds us of Jabba the Hutt, and we're scared.

elsa patton



















Any celebrities we've left off the list?

Photo credits: Lil Kim: Splash News; Nikki Cox: Larry Busacca/Getty; Priscilla Presley: Jason Merritt/Getty; Faye Dunaway: Splash News; Joan Van Ark: Frederick M. Brown/Getty; Elsa Patton: Splash News



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Madel... MadelynMc

Agreed. But do we know the whole story on Elsa? It kind of looks like she suffered some kind of injury (burn? car accident?) and had to have reconstructive surgery. My first reaction was to think "How could someone get that much plastic surgery?!" but I'm starting to think it's something else. Just my opinion.

nonmember avatar Apostate

Jocelyn Wildenstein,Joan Rivers,Hunter Tylo,Lisa Rinna and Peter Burns all deserve dishonorable mention....

popta... poptart0325

I used to think Lil' Kim was so beautiful and now she's not at all! She has ruined her pretty face and it makes me sad. The rest of the ladies aren't too bad, but the Elsa lady... wow! Her face really looks masculine.

Cecilia Fraser

why do these women do that to there face it make them look so bad

nonmember avatar nvsue

Meg Ryan, Mary Tyler Moore, Melanie Griffith...ugh!

nonmember avatar nvsue

and how could I leave out Suzanne Sommers, Mickey Rourke, Donatella Versace, Kenny Rogers and of course, Michael Jackson (may he rest in peace)?

nonmember avatar tl

Don't forget Bruce Jenner.

nonmember avatar spamedica

Some people take surgery too far - it's such a shame when celebrities / public do this to themselves.

rebec... rebeccagrace11

Also Joan Rivers. Poor ladies...stop doing that to yourselves!

nonmember avatar Laurie

At first I thought lil Kim was Snookie!

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