Juicy 'Twilight' Gossip -- A Jacob & Renesmee Sequel?


Taylor Lautner
Taylor Lautner
Remember when you were reading the Twilight series and the whole Jacob and Renesmee "thing" (being vague so as not to give spoilers here) was revealed and you were like HOLY ... !!! ... and then the series ended and you cried for a week? Was that just me? Well, I do have to say the whole concept, which I'll talk about after the jump, fascinated me so much that I really wanted more. I'm okay with being done with Bella and Edward. But I really want to know what happens with Jacob and Renesmee.

Well, a Jacob and Renesmee spinoff could happen, according to author Stephenie Meyer.


As all you Twilight junkies know, Jacob "imprinted" on Renesmee in Breaking Dawn. So we know that much (and it creeped lots of people out -- calm down, people! It's not like that! Not yet anyway ... ). We also know that Renesmee is special. She not only has cool vampy superpowers, but she's aging at light speed, which means she could potentially catch up to Jacob in no time.

Thus, a mad werewolf-human/vampire hybrid love story. And baby were-man-pires!

So is a sequel going to happen? Well, it sounds pretty possible, as revealed from the author herself. When asked about the Jacob-Renesmee outcome, Stephenie Meyer recently told USA Today:

That is a question I’m reserving the right not to answer, because there is a chance I’ll go back to their story.

A chance! You hear that? A chance! Oh, I hope so! Team Jacob!

Would you be stoked to read and see a Jacob & Renesmee sequel? And who should play the old-enough-to-make-out-with-Jacob Renesmee?


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cassi... cassie_kellison

I would read it. I was pretty upset when she stopped writing Edward's version of twilight after she gave us the link of the leaked manuscript. I really liked it and wish she would go back to writing that also.

angev... angevil53

agree with pp, she better do it before someone else does lol

Lizzie Gowers

I'd pass on it. I read the books to understand what the BFD was, and afterwards, I had a strong desire to check my glucose levels to make sure I didn't develop diabetes from "ingesting" all that saccharine sweetness.

jagam... jagamama0710

I would read it. I really cannot stand Jacob though. Even at the very end when they explained his deal it didn't change anything for me. lol

Does she mean there's a chance she'll be writing a sequel or that a sequel movie will be made? I'd rather read it than watch it. 

Christeen Conrad

Jacob annoyed me too, but I would read it.

ILove... ILoveKamNKate

I would LOOOOOVE to!  Can't wait!

nonmember avatar TexasGreatGrams

Would love to read Stephenie's version of Jacob and Renesmee's love story. There are several "Fan Fiction" stories of Jacob and Renesmee and some are quite good, but I'd love to read Stephenie's. Would love to see the movie also. By the time the book was written and the movie cast, Taylor would be about the right age to play Jacob.

Hilda Burkett-Daniels

I would read it. I would really hope she would come out with a book dealing with the two. An not just leave it alone. I cant wait to see if the book comes out I hope it does and if so soon!

nonmember avatar sandy

i would diffently read it. Taylor Swift would make a good grown up renesmee. Just Saying.

Darlene Pollard

I would read it! I think it would be great 2 see what happens with Jacob and Renesmee. I really started likeing Jacob in the last book!

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