Fantasia on 'American Idol': At Least She Sounded Good (VIDEO)

FantasiaIt was great to see Fantasia Barrino back on American Idol this week after all the personal upheaval she's faced from relationship drama to her suspected suicide attempt. She's definitely one to put the past behind her, overcome her obstacles, and move on. She sang "Collard Greens & Cornbread" off of her Back to Me  album, and she sounded incredible. Her look, however ... well, it wasn't good.

She has gained a bunch of weight -- to the tune of about 45 pounds -- which she's said she packed on for an upcoming movie role where she'll play singer Mahalia Jackson. But wow, was it shocking to see on stage like that -- they perhaps should have warned people and let everyone in on the why. 


The fact that she was squashed into a bright red, skin-tight sequined dress did not do her any favors. None. Maybe they did it on purpose just to show how dedicated she is to her acting profession to gain so much for a role? I can't think of any other reason she was allowed on the stage in that dress.

Then there was the matter of her hair -- what was that on top of her head? I know she was going for an old-school look, but that looked like a big curler made out of hair, or a toilet paper roll or something was sitting atop her forehead. A bird could have flown right through that tunnel, which was even stranger because it was blonde. She looked at least 20 years older, and I wouldn't have recognized her at all had Ryan Seacrest not introduced her.

BUT if you closed your eyes, it was all beautiful. Her voice is lovely and has just gotten better in the years since she first wowed us on American Idol. And when she looked at Steven Tyler and sang, "Steven, I love you," you could see her star power shine right through that gaudy red dress and awful hair. And I guess that's what really matters anyway because foremost she's a singer and a damn good one. As she said when Seacrest asked her to give advice to the current contestants: "The first love is the music for me ... because you love music, you can do it."

Check her performance out here and see what you think:

What did you think of Fantasia's performance on American Idol tonight? How about her look?

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