Carrie Ann Inaba 'Surprise' Engagement: Is It a Big, Fat Lie?

Carrie Ann Inaba, one of the judges for Dancing With the Stars, was subbing for Kelly Ripa this morning on Live With Regis and Kelly when she had the surprise of a lifetime -- Jesse Sloan, her boyfriend of two years, proposed to her.

Totally sweet, right? Well, except for the part where she was already talking about her upcoming nuptials March 8 in this iVillage article and in the April edition of Prevention. "We want everyone to jump in the water with us after our vows," Inaba said in article dated more than two weeks ago. But the Regis engagement was just Thursday, March 31! 

Sloan is an accountant who is clearly smitten with Inaba. And why not? She is beautiful and successful, but also a bit of a liar. Or a fame chaser. Take your pick.


Yes, I get that some people start planning their wedding ahead of getting engaged, but they don't usually go public with those plans unless they are, you know, ACTUALLY engaged.

I love Inaba on DWTS, don't get me wrong. She is lovely and positive and fun, but did she stage this whole "shock" proposal just for the attention it would garner? To get her name at the top of Google trends (which worked, by the way). Surprise proposals are sweet. Public proposals are sweet. But the two together can be a mess. Maybe he was just trying to save her the headache of being shocked on national television.

But then why play us like it was some kind of huge shock?

Apparently, earlier in the show, Inaba had told Regis Philbin and the audience that the stories about her being engaged simply weren't true. And I would believe that, except for the part where she HERSELF told Prevention that she was having a summer wedding.

Maybe they decided to get married in a grown-up, mature way sans ring and this was his way of making a romantic grand gesture. But it's weird. How much of a shock is it when the guy you're already engaged to gives you a ring?

Am I the only one confused by this?

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