Candice Swanepoel Bikini Photos Prove Angle Is Everything


Ugh, it's Crystal Renn all over again. This time the model in question is a Victoria's Secret bombshell who was posing in the VS Swim Collection this week. Candice Swanepoel has caused an Internet buzz over her "extremely thin frame" in a photo of her with fellow models Alessandra Ambrosio and Adriana Lima.

"Her shape is unrecognizable!" says one website, citing her "alarmingly thin thighs and an ultra tiny waist." Another site describes her as scary-skinny, and wonders if her three ballet workouts per week have contributed to an eating disorder.

Anorexia? Or bad angle?


If you look at the photo everyone's freaking out about, Swanepoel does look unfortunately slender. Her thighs seem to have a disturbing amount of space between them, and her waist looks small enough to fit one hand around.

However, if you look at any other photo taken from that exact same event, she looks exactly like any other model looks. You know, like she probably hasn't eaten a processed carbohydrate in years—but perfectly healthy. There's muscle tone in her legs, her face looks gorgeous and non-cadaver-like, her bum has the appearance of a girl who knows the power of a good squat routine.

For a model who makes her living based on her appearance, having rumors flying around that her body has become SHOCKING and SCARY is probably more than an annoyance for Swanepoel—she probably has to do some damage control to make sure her bookings aren't affected.

Lesson learned for all bikini models: make sure you vet your photos before they get released. Alternately, you could hope that the public loosens its viselike obsession on body weight ... but let's be realistic, that's not gonna happen any time soon.

What's your call on the photo flap? One bad picture, or is she really in need of an intervention?

Image via Flickr/The Bikini Open

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