'Real Housewives' to Bring the Crazy to Canada

Toronto Just when we were worried about The Real Housewives franchise slowing down and not blessing us with any more U.S. cities, we find out that Bravo has been working on a brilliant surprise -- international Housewives! That's right, according to reports, The Real Housewives of Toronto is in the works. Cool, eh?

According to The Hollywood Reporter, while it hasn't been "green lit" yet, Vancouver-based Lark Productions has a development deal with NBC, and the casting call has gone out for crazies housewives in Canada. The thought of seeing what nuttiness our neighbors to the north can bring is almost too good to be true. It almost makes me want to forgive them for the Miami mess.

Hopefully this means Andy Cohen was full of it when he said Miami was the last city the franchise would expand into. There are so many more cities, full of so many housewives, and so much crazy. Bring it!

Would you be excited to watch The Real Housewives of Toronto?

Image via ikerender/Flickr

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