Sofia Vergara Bathing Suit Photos Give Real Women a Bad Name


Sofia Vergara is an absolutely smokin' hot mama who plays a trophy wife for good reason on Modern Family, but don't go getting any ideas about calling her a "real woman."

It seems like whenever hot bathing suit photos are released of a star like Vergara, everyone starts freaking out over "real women" and how curves are in. Well, I have news for most women: the likelihood of looking like Vergara is just about as high as looking like Kelly Ripa in her size 0s or Gwyneth Paltrow, whose starvation diet could make you light-headed. Her body isn't any more "real" or attainable for every woman than theirs, sorry to say.

This whole notion that there is one kind of body that "real-life" women have (curvy) and one that stars have (super thin) is kind of laughable. Vergara embodies what "curvy" truly means, and ladies, her body is just as impossible as Gwyneth's. Maybe even harder. We can all starve ourselves, but those DDs don't grow on trees.

At 38 and as the mother of a teenager, she is hot, hot, hot. But the notion that she is some kind of poster girl for "real women" is kind of amusing. Go to the grocery store if you don't believe me. Then report back. How many women did you see who look like Vergara? At my Whole Foods, I would be a lot more likely to see a tall willow-y "yummy mummy" in her yoga pants than I would someone as voluptuous and gorgeous as Vergara.

She looks incredible, but don't mistake that for attainable. It's unclear when "curvy" became a euphemism for overweight, but they aren't the same thing. Many actresses are curvy without being fat and then there are people who are overweight without being curvy.

Vergara is a gorgeous, curvy actress whose body looks incredible in one-pieces, bikinis, and dresses. Most of us will never even come close to looking like her. The body of a "real woman"? I think not.

Do you think Vergara looks like a "real woman"?


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Cafe... Cafe Kristin

"It is unclear when "curvy" became a euphemism for overweight, but they are not the same thing. Many actresses are curvy without being fat and then there are people who are overweight without being curvy." THANK YOU! So true -- and amazing that this is the first time I've ever seen that written anywhere. Also, why is there only model (size 0) and plus-size model (size 12 and up)? Um, hi, what happened to all the sizes in between those?!

sassy... sassykat122

She's a real woman to herself. It doesn't mean its attainable to others but if those curves are natural then yes she is a "real" woman. I think what most people mean when they talk about "real" women is women accepting their bodies. Yes some "real" women never have to worry about food,can eat what they want, and continue to be stick thin their whole lives. They should be accept their bodies for what they are. Some "real" women do have to struggle to maintain a healthy weight for their bodies, that is just as real. Realness to me are the women who love their bodies- be it Twiggy or Sophia or Camryn Manheim- for what they are as long as they are healthy

sassy... sassykat122

In terms of bodies, real woman don't have plastic boobs and botox in their forheads.

nonmember avatar Lynnette

I think that the question isn't "does she look like a real woman", as much as it is, "does she look like most women." Of course, she does not. To suggest that she isn't a real women is offensive to all of us. My body doesn't look like hers, or Kelly Clarkson's, or even Michelle Obama's. We are all, however, real women. Putting women outside of our narrow definitions of "real" doesn't do anyone any good.

sunny... sunnybunny5us

I like her photos and I know this body type isn't very  common, a lot of us have that body type.  It does make me feel better about my body. That actually is what I think is meant by 'curvy'. I have a big butt and boobs and I look fat in some clothes, so I get what she's talking about in the article that you had as a link there.

Tiffa... TiffanyinSF

Of course she looks like a real woman!  That's as womanly as they come!!  Does she look like me?  No.  Does she look like most of us? No.  But she's a really excellent version of her and that's as much as any of us is going to get.

nmmama09 nmmama09

A real woman as opposed to what? A plastic barbie doll walking around? Yes she looks like a real woman because she IS a woman! She may not look like the AVERAGE woman, but I do know women who look like her.  

Christeen Conrad

Apparently because she takes care of herself, she's not a real women. How am I not surprised?

sunny... sunnybunny5us

Exactly, what is that supposed to mean? Women who take good care of themselves aren't "real women"? Or women that are well endowed? What?

nonmember avatar Anon

Well, has she had any "work done"? Because if she hasn't, then she's real. And if she has, she isn't real. Seems simple to me. ... Yes, it is possible to have that figure naturally, though unusual. A figure with the same "curvy" parts and a little more waist (but still healthy and attractive) is more common. I have a sister like that, and I could see one of my daughters perhaps growing up that way.

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