Politicians as the New Rockstars?

With the 2008 Election getting close, politicians are getting the kind of press coverage usually reserved for rockstars and moviestars! Topics about politicians are very popular here at CafeMom.

Carter Casa submitted a link to a blurb about the Katie Couric interview with Sarah Palin. Carter Casa's link is being bumped up on the hot list of stories. 


Sheri82 has a red hot link she submitted about Obama and Fannie Mae.

Politicians are smokin' hot outside CafeMom too. Michelle Obama blogged over at the Pro-Democratic blog, MoMocrats.

Sarah Palin was a guest on Townhall.com's radio show the other week to answer some questions about recent media reports. The radio interview was from a conservative point-of-view, but there are plenty of CafeMom members who are not pro-Palin.  MsCreant posted a link that's hot about Joe Six Pack.

What do you think? Have we made politicians the new rockstars in our culture? Have we gone overboard? Do you think people running for office should be held to a different standard than average Americans? Where does the line between our right to know cross into the politicians right to privacy? I want to know what you think. 

For what it's worth, I think Paris Hilton for President TV Commercial is still the best political ad of the election season.

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