Weird Web Sites: Share a Laugh!

Photo by: Stuff on My Cat

I love weird and funny websites. I've chosen some of my favorite places to surf to when I want to put off the laundry. Come along with me and let's procrastinate together on a Cafe Mom Entertainment Buzz tour of weird but wonderful web sites.


The Non-Domestic Goddess Club here at CafeMom is hilarious! These ladies gave me some great suggestions in my quest for quirky web sites. DJLadyK turned me on to the signslanguage site. BTW, you are a mom that collects dust bunnies as pets and can burn water (like me), you have to check out the TNDGC group.

Stuff on My Cat is one of my favorite sites on the web. Cats own us, we don't own them! You need to go to this site to see what it's about. If you are a cat lover, you'll crack up.

For anyone that has ever had to park their car next to an idiot, you have to surf over to I Park Like an Idiot.

I am a card-carrying member of The Museum of Bad Art. It's a real museum in Boston, dedicated to only really bad art. It's ironic, fun and  deliciously immature.

Peep Research is a faux scientific site dedicated to experiments on marshmallow Peep candies.  Don't let your kids see it, as it will give them ideas for more messy projects in the name of science!

I know some of these sites are completely silly but that's why I love them. Please share some of your favorite weird and wonderful websites with me! I need all the excuses I can get or else I'll have to fold the giant pile of laundry. Talk to me, my fellow surfers!

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