Bradley Cooper Crying Is Surprisingly Hot (VIDEO)


I've never really had a thing for Bradley Cooper—until now. Now that I've seen him weeping like a little girl, I just want to tousle his hair and chuck him under the chin and ask him, aw, who's a crybaby action star, huh, huh? You are! You're a big sensitive tough guy!

Cooper recently teared up during an episode of Inside the Actor's Studio—and not just once. Several different questions caused him to get all verklempt, rubbing his face and heaving big watery sighs and generally doing everything short of flapping his hands and asking for a hankie.

My favorite scene, I think, is when he tries to introduce his acting instructor, Elizabeth Kemp, and he gets so overcome he can't even squeak out the words.

"I'm a loud crier," he tells the audience, while choking back a hiccup. “I’m not like a sobber  ... I’m like a—it’s ugly, so I apologize.”

I don't know what it is about seeing his extra-emotional responses during the interview, but the whole thing kind of makes me love him a lot. Here's one of the clips, starting off with his teary response to his beloved teacher:

Seriously, isn't he just adorable?

Interestingly, the Limitless star says that watching other men crying in movies is an emotional experience for him:

Watching men be vulnerable in movies just guts me. I very rarely cry from a woman’s performance in a movie.

(Hmm, I wonder if he cried while watching himself cry on Inside the Actor's Studio? Or would that create some sort of handsome rift in the dreamy-blue-eyed space/time continuum?)

What do you think, you guys? Crying Bradley Cooper: hot or not?

Image via YouTube

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mumma... mummajenni

I think his father died not too long ago. That might bring out an ultra sensitive side. It changes you profoundly when you lose a parent, even when you are an adult -- and I think he's in his late 30's. He's growing on me. He's definitely played some dude bro characters (think wedding crashers!), and I'm waiting for him to do a really likable character, since Hangover was kind of a jerky, manchild guy too.

nonmember avatar Ky

I was already a fan but this makes me like him more.

Maggie Rudd Wilkin

I thought he was hot since his Alias days. 

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