5 Worst Celebrity Boob Jobs


tori spellingFun bags. Bosoms. Breasteses. Jugs. The twins. Boobs. They're one of the most beautiful parts of the female form and should be honored and appreciated in all shapes and sizes. Well, all natural shapes and sizes, that is. A botched boob job is one of the worst plastic surgery nightmares, and unfortunately, some celebrities have gotten disastrous implants.

You'd think the rich and famous would only pay for the best to avoid the sunken silicone and wonky nipples, but these five ladies went for bargain basement prices and got exactly what they paid for. Hold on to your bras, here's a look at the top five worst celebrity boob jobs.

Let's start with the obvious. Poor Tori Spelling has seen more knives in her lifetime than a top chef. They've been cutting at her breasts for decades, and the results haven't been great. Donna Martin, please graduate to a higher level of breast implant!

tori spelling

Victoria Beckham has a special kind of boob job. They are so ... round. Like baseballs. I'm kind of scared of them because they just don't look human and I'm afraid they're one day going to fall off her chest and roll down the street.

v. beckham

Pamela Anderson, god bless her. The Baywatch babe made a career out of her famous figure, but recently the surgeries have started catching up with her. I see the seam. Not cute.

pamela anderson

Do you remember Christina Aguilera from the late '90s? When she was 85 pounds soaking wet and hardly visible when she stood behind the mic stand? I miss those days. She probably got some bad advice and decided to enlarge her breasts ... but they inserted them over her ribs, not her nipples. Oops!


And last but not least, the incomparable Tara Reid. I don't know where to look. One's giant and pointing down, one's small and pointing right ... I'm going cross-eyed just looking at her.

tara ried

Any bad boob jobs I've left off the list?

Photos for Tara, Tori, and Pamela via Splash News; Victoria via Tawney Rockerazzi/Flickr; Christina via Dave Hogan/Getty



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RanaA... RanaAurora

I thought Christina's was from nursing babies, not implants? Sad if she got implants. :(
Tara Reid.... UGH. Have you seen her STOMACH?

nonmember avatar Anon

The absolute worst on this list is Tori Spelling. How did she not see that when she was getting dressed?!

Jr.s.... Jr.s.mommy

I thought Victoria Beckham had her implants taken out.

AngiDas AngiDas

Oh leave Tori alone!

Miriam Kennedy

I thought this article was very mean spirited . I also thought Christina Aguilara was still nursing? When did she have time to get implants? OUCH!!

elfis... elfishpirat

The last two photos actually look like real breasts. I think think there are more important things to do than ripping women apart for their breasts. This article was in bad taste.

nonmember avatar mslyn

Honey, life is in bad taste!!! Anything people can rip appart, talk about, criticize, put down, etc. etc. they will.

nonmember avatar Lilly

I say find those surgeons and tar and feather them.

moret... morethanme_you

don't you have kids to take care of or something? this article is terrible. why don't you post a picture of yourself and let people tear you down?

Becky Hernandez

I wonder if all of these people that commented will also write to magazines like, People or US Weekly.  So what if they talk about boobs, not the first time it's been mentioned here. Go back to being "perfect" and don't read the site if you find in bad taste. Like you haven't EVER said something rude about someone else.

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