Tericka Dye: Should a Former Porn Star Be a Teacher?


Tericka Dye used to be known as Rikki Andersin back in the mid-'90s when she starred in such adult films as Rug Munchers, Tight Ass, and Double Your Pleasure Double Your Fun. Described as "an exotic dancer whose tawdry talents led her inevitably into the sex biz," Dye appeared in at least 11 pornographic films.

Dye has clearly moved on—she's ditched the stage name, is a mom of four, and has become a high school teacher—but she can't seem to escape her X-rated past. This month, the high school science teacher resigned from her job after Missouri students discovered her porn films online.

This isn't the first time Dye's teaching career has been derailed as a result of her scandalous background. In 2006 when she was working as a science teacher and volleyball coach, school officials learned of her past and suspended her for the year with no contract renewal.

(Note, however, that she's currently on administrative leave with pay, and her suspension in 2006 was also paid.)

Dye has spoken out about her regret for her past, saying that while she's made a lot of bad decisions in life, what should matter more is that she loves teaching and her students.

I feel so conflicted about this story, but I think if this were happening in my kids' school, I'd be glad to see her go. It's not that I believe the choices she made years ago detract from her professional qualifications now, but I cannot imagine a high school environment where this wouldn't be a huge distraction. Once her background has been made public—i.e., by kids finding her films online—you'll inevitably have a bunch of teenagers checking out their teacher's once-famous talents for double penetration.

I mean, I'm not naive, I know kids have all kinds of access to this stuff anyway. I'm not a prude who is morally opposed to young people being exposed to S-E-X talk. It's just ... I want my kids learning science in science class, you know? Regardless of whether it's right or wrong, the last thing I want for my kids is a school that's all caught up in some sort of scandal.

I believe in second chances, but I also know that some things can't be buried forever. Sometimes the choices we make when we're young come back to haunt us. Maybe that's not such a bad lesson for kids to understand, actually.

What do you think about Tericka Dye? Would you be okay with her teaching your kids?

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toria... toriandgrace

I don't think high school teacher is the ideal occupation here. Even elementary school would be much better. It's hard enough to get high school students' respect/ attention, without adding something like a porn star past.

nonmember avatar Jackie

I agree with ToriandGrace...high school may not be the right choice due to the distraction factor but she shouldn't be banned from teaching all together. From what I understand since then she joined the army, went back to school and got her degree. She made a mistake and knowing all of that...that she turned her life around...I wouldn't say she should not teach.

Anast... Anastazia975

People need to get over it. If everyone was more into whats happening in "their house" as opposed others, we would all be better off. We are as a society way to interested in everyone else's past and what they do or don't do. Let the woman move on, and have her life. If people would learn to walk a mile in someone else's shoes, they would so not want to judge. God forbid it ever lands in their house. They would totally want to be left alone.

jacob... jacobsproudmom

i agree get over it. so what she has a past. who doesnt?? let her be and yes i would be fine with her teaching my kids. they are acting as though shes acting out the vids she made in class. let her be.

meatb... meatball77

If those parents were able to keep the dirty dirty porn away from their kids this wouldn't be an issue.

nonmember avatar elfishpirat

And this, my friends, is why you should never be in a movie your grandparents would be ashamed to see.

Ashley Post

She's moved on and made a good life for herself and her family. She should be able to teach whatever she wants wherever she wants.

ambtr... ambtrav2kids

Hahahaha!! I was wondering what the girls at school were saying about their old teacher. WOW! I personally wouldnt have a problem with it if I were a student considering Ive been watching porn since I was a young teen. I wouldnt have a problem with it at this point anyway since she isnt making porns anymore. So whats the issue again?

CoolR... CoolRelax

This issue is that her past is a huge distraction for high school students especially.  Their little hormones are already jumping.  Also, teens are known for challenging authority figures and this kind of past removes any respect for her.  I've taught high school, and those boys can be fresh.  It's not that you can't have a past, it's that you can't share that past with the kids.  Which is why folks will tell you that, no matter how freaky you are just don't become a porn star.  Doing porn is one of those decisions that WILL affect you for the rest of your life, it's like an incurable std.  The most you can ever hope to do is manage it, but it will never go away.  I'd support her teaching in elementary school.

Mamab... MamabearC

I'll be honest, I'm not afraid nor ashamed at all to say that I would not want an ex porn star teaching my kids.Did we all make stupid mistakes in youth?Yes.But for most all that means is drinking too much or smoking a doobie.Quite different than being in porn.Teachers are supposed to set an example and be role models, it is nothing new that students automatically view their teachers in this way without any push from outside telling them to do so.I would not want my kids looking up to an ex-porn star.Our society glorifies porn enough without having that poor mind frame and decision making around on a daily basis to influence our kids.I have no respect for anyone that chooses to disrespect themselves in that way and even if the kids didn't know, I would and I wouldn't even be able to have a good relationship with them or be involved in the class, which is vital for student progress.[parent involvement]. Sorry folks but this is the consequence of her poor actions. Such is life.I'd advise her to look for a different career as this will just keep happening wherever she goes....

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