'DWTS' Season 12 Cast Revealed: Where Are the 'Stars'?

Season 12 of Dancing With the Stars starts March 21 (yay!) on ABC, and for the past couple weeks, rumors have been swirling over who was going to be on the show. The cast was finally revealed during The Bachelor Monday night. 

The big reveal provided a nice respite from the "Bach" drama. Fans did have a quick sneak peek during Sunday night's Oscar broadcast on ABC when a commercial aired with the voices of the new DWTS cast.

And now we know who they are! The 11 people who will be Dancing With the Stars this season are:


Sugar Ray Leonard: A famous boxer. According to him, preparation for DWTS is "all psychological, spiritual. It's all mental preparation." OK, then.

Chelsea Kane: Disney? Who? What? Apparently she is on a show and plans to be this season's Kyle Massey. Wait, who? Exactly.

Romeo: This is not the one who died with Juliet. Duh. He's a rapper best known as Master P's son. So, does that make him this season's Bristol Palin? He has my early vote for the first guy out the door.

Ralph Macchio: This is at least a guy I have heard of! Wax on and off Daniel-san. I am hoping he is good, otherwise, snooze-fest city!

Petra Nemcova: She is a beautiful model with a tragic story (she was nearly killed in the 2004 tsunami). Will she be able to dance given her long recovery?

Kendra Wilkinson: We can never get enough reality show Kendra, right? And we may never have to. Here she is again! She is this season's Holly Madison, natch.

Hines Ward: Footballer and champ, he is this season's Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice, Michael Irvin, or Kurt Warner. Take your pick.

Mike Catherwood: Psycho Mike from Loveline who is usually on the radio, not live on TV. May make for good TV, may make for awkward TV. Only time will tell.

Wendy Williams: Talk show host? That is about the extent of my knowledge here ...

Chris Jericho: A WWE wrestler, he at least seems like he will be entertaining to watch.

Kirstie Alley: Always a little daring and shocking, she is by far my main reason to want to watch even five minutes of this season.

All in all, a pretty tame and boring cast. I am a little worried about the trajectory of this show. Perhaps after so many seasons, there is no one left to entertain us? Does this seem recycled and contrived to anyone else?

What do you think of the new cast?


Image via ABC

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