'The Bachelor' Recap: Forget the Spoilers, All Bets Are Off!

Buh-bye Ashley

The ninth episode of Season 15 of The Bachelor came at the start of a big week for the number one spoiler site on the web. RealitySteve.com revealed that he has been wrong all season and that those of us (like me!) who bought what he had to say have been wrong, wrong, wrong.

Meanwhile on the actual Bachelor, emotions and tensions were running high, especially between Ashley and Brad. ABC should be thanking their lucky stars that Reality Steve even came along this season because without him, it would have been obvious.

Say what you will about Brad, but one thing he doesn't do is lead the women on, especially this season. From the start, Emily has seemed to be the obvious winner and now, well ...


Does anyone else think Reality Steve has done this season a great service? Without him, it would have been just painfully obvious. Brad has only really ever had eyes for Emily. Two episodes ago, he practically bullied her into letting him meet her daughter and it was hard to imagine he would have done so if he didn't think he would pick her.

On Monday night's episode, he told her he is falling in love with her. More than any other season, this would have been almost entirely obvious were it not for Reality Steve throwing us off scent. Does anyone else smell a conspiracy?

Chantal is nice and all, but she has nothing on Emily. Emily is gorgeous and classy and Southern. She has a tragic story and a private personality and she is incredibly mature beyond her years. There isn't a single woman on the show who could hold a candle to her. Quite frankly -- aside from the fashion sense that made her wear that over-accessorized monstrosity of a double jeaned outfit on her date on a South African safari -- Emily is basically too good for Brad.

Ashley was obviously going home after their disastrous date, but rumor has it she gets the last laugh and will be the next Bachelorette.

As for Chantal, she is sweet and fine, but that chemistry is just missing. It has been all season, which is why when I thought it was her, I wondered if ABC was just editing out the chemistry.

To be honest, I have no idea who he picks. I'm not sure what to believe. But if I'm going only on my gut and instinct, then I would say Emily is a shoo-in. And in just two weeks, we will know!

Who do you think Brad will pick?

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