James Franco Stoned at the Oscars: Was He or Wasn't He?

Judging by today's reviews, James Franco may not be asked back to host the Oscars any time soon. The New York Times described his performance as "distracted and blasé," while The Hollywood Reporter said he was "distant [and] uninterested." PopEater.com reports that TV executives are calling the choice to cast him as host a disaster, citing lack of preparation on Franco's part as a contributing factor—but noting that it was apparent before the show began that there was "something wrong" with Franco.

So, what was that something? Was it just nerves ... or did Franco take a little somethin' somethin' to calm those nerves?

Gawker goes straight to the heart of the matter, posting an amusing FAQ in order to delve into the question of whether or not James Franco was, in fact, stoned last night during the Oscars. Here's an excerpt:


Q: In your opinion, how baked was James Franco while hosting the Oscars?
A: Hella.

It's true he was sort of ... squinty. Smirky. Occasionally lobotomized, even. But maybe it was just that Anne Hathaway's chirpy performance made him look really, really mellow in comparison.

On the other hand, haaaaaaa!

To be fair, this isn't the first time Franco's been accused of turning in a seemingly herb-enhanced performance. He also earned some criticism for the way he played James Dean in 2001:

People kept saying to me, "God, you played that guy like he was high the whole time." So then I got a complex. I guess people think I'm stoned the whole time because of the way I talk.

I actually got a kick out of his laid-back appearance last night, and if he was stoned, well, I don't really care. Really, is a bong hit or two before the show so much worse than injecting half a gallon of botulinum into your forehead? Hell, at least he can move his eyebrows.

Besides, you want to see what James Franco looks like when he's high? Here you go:

Now, doesn't that make his Oscar performance look better in comparison?

What do you think, was Franco a little extra "relaxed" last night?

Image via the YouTube "James Franco: High or Not" video

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